How is it that melee attacks can miss but ranged attacks can't?

I absolutely do not understand this gameplay decision In case you are not aware when two melee units are engaged in melee, one unit has a chance to randomly block damage from the other unit’s attacks. This means that it takes even longer for something like men at arms to chew through a line of spearmen, giving the archers in the back even more time to shoot their homing arrows. Melee infantry are already so weak, why have this additional handicap?

there is a difference between missing and blocking.

as far as game mechanics go there isn’t. You randomly don’t do damage, that’s a miss in any other game.

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easy explanation

The archer guild lobyied hard so that arrows have been updated with latest gen homing system

Foot Soldiers & Horceman guild was fighting with the Knights guild over who has the most feathers on their uniforms.
They where too busy fighting among themselves and were not able to get the same results as the archer guild.

That mechanic is already removed