How is the pacing of the game?

Hey guys

I didn’t play the beta, and I was wondering what the pacing of the game is like (if you are allowed to say). Specifically the early game. I usually prefer a faster and more dynamic early game (like Starcraft 2) , but I know that’s not usually what AoE is used to.

What was your guys experience?


Can’t say much because of the NDA but I will say that it isn’t really slow, but that’s all I can really say

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Depending on civ matchups, it’s feasible to kill your opponent in Dark Age and early Feudal. However, this game has no established meta/build orders so such things will change as the players learn and optimize their builds.

It’s common knowledge that Mongols get a stable in Dark Age and other civs like Britons get access to units early as well. This gives the game potential for early action.


You aren’t allowed to say anything actually, not just “much”. :laughing:


This is NDA content. It plays like an aoe game. Game pace will vary depending on players, matchup, and tactics.


What i can tell you, is that the game pace was not always the same from one end of the beta, to the other end of the beta.

I can’t tell more, because i don’t know more and the reason of it.

I loved when the game pace was slow, you could actualy take time to see your villager work in the field, to see your villager gather resourcess, to see animal walking on the land and other stuff that i am not alowed to talk…

You also had time to think, to plan your base in you head, to look around, to fix mistake you think you have done, reorganise your base, place things perfectly, you can always catch up if you did something late, you had time to place your army on the batlefield and other action that i am not alowed to talk…

You had not stress compare to when the game was fast paced.

When it was faster paced, you had no time to look around and see detail, you could not just take time to look at your villager working in the field, you just can’t place things in a perfect way, each mistake cost you dearly and you can’t catch up into the game, your army nerver had time to be placed into position and other stuff that i am not alowed to talk.

That was my impression of pace, in the beta, and do not represent the final product of age of empire 4.

I have played SC2 for 8 years. I played AoE2 growing up but cant go back to it, as I now find the first 10 minutes so slow and boring (sorry guys… I put AoE2 in top 3 RTS of all time, but I just cant do it myself ). I cant say anything about AoE4, but let me say this. Im going to stop playing SC2 on Oct 28!


Young people like fast game rhythm. I hope that after the official version of aoe4 comes out, the game rhythm will be faster, rather than similar to aoe2.


What i can tell you, is that the game pace was not always the same from one end of the beta, to the other end of the beta.

I didn’t notice such a thing, are you talking about an update that changed something in the game itself, affecting pace, or is it just people getting better and more efficient in general?

I loved it. I’ll keep to NDA.
But yeah, the scouts are alot more viable, as seen in the trailers. Being able to herd sheep and kill carry deer back. So just on that, it is alot more fast pace and feel like you got stuff to do ! ; )

Can’t answer my friend, it is clearely NDA if i answer any thing.

sory, but you will have to live whit out knowing what you miss or if developper decide to reveal it.

Sure you can. You can re-iterate was has already been revealed publicly. For example, English villagers having bows and early cavs for Mongols etc. This points to earlier action. However, pacing will fluctuate as players develop strategies and learn how to play, so this question is unanswerable anyway, beta or no beta.

I mean, I get it, we don’t want anyone to smite us from heaven above and take away future beta access, but we can still talk about details that are revealed. Just bc of the devs are silent doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the game at all. Speak diplomatically and everything should be fine.

Or, they will close the room and maybe bann your acount…

I wonder if your acount is linked to your game?

In age empire 3, at slow pace, a wood wall take more time to break, compare to a fast pace game.

In age of empire 3, at fast pace, a wood wall will fall faster, compare to a slow pace game.

I encourage you to try all the pace, in age of empire 3, maybe you will have more fun on some and less on other, depending on what you want to do.

You could maybe find more fun seing your wood wall hold longer then other time when wood wall fall faster, depending on the game pace.

Also, each time, look at how fast your villager gather, it is the first clue in age of empire 3, but i am not sure it will be the same in age of empire 4, since the game is still not out.

I love walking on eggs, but i do fear the white and yellow, that are stiky.

Thanks for the reply guys. Didn’t realise the NDA was that strict so let’s not discuss too much. Would hate for any of you to get into trouble. Perhaps this topic can be closed?


Sorry we couldn’t help you. But yeah it is pretty specific to gameplay and we just aren’t allowed to talk about it.

What I can say is that it took me some time to adapt to the game