How kaiserklein micro this treasure? i can hit the bear only 3 times in a row without it chasing me

@Kaiserklein come on bro tell us, teach me bro, i want to be your disciple

i pay you, give me your secrets

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notice how he keeps the bear in a straight line between his explorer and the treasure, that’s key


Whaaaat!! Omg ty guy haha

yes between each shot you have to move your explo to a correct distance between the treasure guardian and your explo, its requires practice to understand

tho at some point if you move the treasure guardian too far away he will reset so on certain guardian you are forced to take damage if you don’t want to start again microing the guardian

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where is the straight line? (second 17 of video)

mmm ok i did it!. thanks. yes i needed practice

if you know something else of kaiseklein art of war please teach me

There is a “similar” trick for china for treasures with like 3 or more guardians involving canceling the stun before it fires

and what does it do cancelling that?

you basically aggro the guardians without using a stun, then pull back until they are about at the reset range and then you can focus fight only 1 of the guardians while the other ones reset

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