How long do we have to suffer until sweden nerf?

So… DE has been out for almost 4 months and sweden has still not been nerfed. It is really killing this game. It just does not make sense how overpowered they are.


Sweden has been nerfed multiple times in the 4 months since DE released


They are still just as bad as the Japanese. The fact is those two civs have intrinsic abilities that make them superior. The main thing is the carolean is bs and needs to be split into two units.


Carolean is not the issue here, is their eco that goes way too out of control if left unchecked and how easily they can add falcs to the carolean mass.
One simple nerf would be simply to remove their fast age politician and they would probably be fine.

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Are devs still in vacation?

Or they may think the game is balance already.

Remove Falconet And add Dragoons and Skirmisher or Crossbowmen.
I tested it and feels good

they can be defeated quite well if you play good enough

If you play really well and they make a big mistake.
I agree that Sweden is not unbeatable and you can increase your chances of wining through early pressure, but most people here on this forum can agree that the civ is way too strong right now, there are 3 or more topics complaining about the civ


Pro can beat doesn’t mean this civ has no problem. If 1000 people are playing the game, only 100 pro can beat, remaining 900 med/noob can’t beat, this civ has problem or not.
I can’t see the relationship between beatable and OP?

If a civ is really unbeatable, the game is real broken and no one will play.


When a civ with less than 30 villagers and by having 20 houses, has more economy than your boom of 99 villagers, something is wrong with the game, and this is not subjective, it can be tested whenever you want, it is a reality.


I learned how to beat Sweden by playing by Sweden, so don’t think they’re impossibly OP, but do think their eco can quickly multiply faster than any other civs’ boom. I have outplayed players by killing vills, taking map control, destroying torps, and the games still felt too close for comfort. I think Caroleans are more reasonably balanced now, but their eco still needs to be looked at again. Some reasonable nerfs would be to reduce torp gathering rate, price, and/or build time.

I take issue with Inca for a similar reason. You can just camp in your base with wood and turtle with those houses that generate food while surrendering map control, and come out early-mid game and out eco your opponent. Unless the other civ can boom faster, it can be a difficult match up.

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Totally agree the houese part.

However carolean cards may need some adjustments.

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If there is a civ that does not have any buffs or specialities in the early game, but is granted with a big button technology in the late game that costs 10000 of each resources which makes you win instantly, it is not unbeatable of course, but it’s still a stupid design.

You can out play and take map control, but they can still ship mines and just sit in base


About Carolean I don’t get why they need big damage in melee, even bigger than a dedicated melee infantry like rods. Unupgraded they deal 28.5 dmg vs HI, a bit higher as unupgraded halb at 28 dmg.

They’re musketeer with revolutionary multiplier in range and halberdier damage at melee. Even revolutionary melee damage is half of it range damage. This carolean should have their melee at 9 or 10 at base.

You must be glad right