How long for changing ranking system?

an example of a very unbalance match

this couldnt have happened in age 3 of 2005 system
a player on age 1, waste of time

cause no one was using it

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yes because the 2005 game hadnt updates.
I wonder how many people stopped playing age 3 DE because of the imposibility to find a good match of people of the same level

not as many as people who stopped using the TAD ladder

ok whatever, how do i find a balanced lobby match?

kick people until you find them ok, thats what i do

yes but, how do i know who is of my level?
or on a random game, how do i know what level does any member of my team has?

if its a lobby just hover over them, if there is no ELO i also just kick, unless i know them already

if its random, you dont until the end of the game.

would be good to see what level was the ones on my team, i prefer to get out of the match at min 1, instead of waiting 20 minutes and the players go out suddenly

tbh usually within the first 2 mins i can sorta already tell what the team quality will be,

if they dont talk, thats a minus

check their decks - if its also shit then thats a minus

and if its dutch and they say highlanders - I quit right there

omg this novice player its always in my team

please make available a remember to create villagers for new people, a kind of tutorial in lobby.

or at least show their rank on score so i can tell him what to do