How long should we wait until we get the next DLC?

If you make it as many as aoe2 it is gonna be a total mess like aoe2 right now

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Omg as a gift for my birthday!


How about Mapuche to saciate people who want postcolonial and native?


I wouldn’t call AoE2 a mess because of civs. The boat thing, for example, doesn’t have to do with the amount of civs.


I stopped playing aoe2 simply because there are too many civs…I’m sure there are many casual players like me. I stopped playing aoe2 after the Indian DLC. I grinded to 1350 elo but I don’t enjoy that game anymore with broken units like shrivamshra rider…I see aoe3 on the same track, too many civs, too many weird and op units and overwhelming amount of new mechanics.

Maybe its the grinding that tired you out. I think grinding and climbing a ladder always takes the fun out, eventually.

The number of civs in AoE2 doesn’t matter, because they play the same. And a few unique units don’t make it confusing.

In any case, burnout is a thing, and the number of civs may not be to blame.


Starcraft 2 has broken units and has way less than what AoK had, but you do you. Grinding does take the fun of games, though, so maybe don’t grind?


Nah I play mostly unranked lobby. But the thing is new civs bring new dumb stuff and units. From aoe2 to aoe3…that make me lose interest in the game. so I hope no more new civs pls

Like aoe2 had chakram, shrivam rider…those are so #### #### units. I had several games where is out played opponents but those units beat the counter units. So I deleted all aoe2 stuff from my library. Now there is romans. I’m glad I made the decision

And aoe3 is having same problem with too many new civs introducing lame and weird stuff

Other people enjoy new civs and units. Let them have their fun. Please.


What’s lame is that you act like your very subjective opinion is a fact.

Most people who play the game actually like the new civs and units.


I love when people announce they’re done with the game but still come on here to constantly complain about the game they supposedly quit.


I mean I don’t even play european civs. But i still wish to change that. Those european mercenary units are lame. Dumb design. Everyone has the right to point out op stuff in the game

The new civs are objectively lame and the new mechanics and units are objectively overwhelming especially for newer players.

I’m sorry, but it sounds like a skill issue for you.

If you can’t keep up with the new stuff, don’t blame the new stuff. Play a game you can handle.


All users have the right to give their opinion on their concerns about the game and they have no right to be disrespected for it.

@mht6551 That time of the balance/fun peak of this game (within the difficulty that that supposes) in the ESO-C patch, with 14 civilizations and a UI in caster mode that could make it easier to comment on a game in the game for attracting new people, is gone.

The creative direction prioritizes much more making the civilizations more unique, adding more extra content and bringing out new civilizations (the latter I understand because it’s AoE and the franchise is doomed to it) than making the game accessible to new players or there is a favorable competitive environment. It is what it is and you have to accept it.

Most of the users who have stayed (and have not left) are players who care little or nothing about the competitive environment (and many do not care about the numbers on Youtube, Twitch or even some the number of players on the game) and prefer more different mechanics (as if there were few), civs, maps, etc. and it is respectable, but do not expect them to change their minds.

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while i like reading all threads on 2 and 3 forums regarding potential future dlcs, ultimately imo, both 2 and 3 DE are at a point where adding more civs causes more harm than good, there’s a reason the hero skins are being sold instead since last year in 3 DE and why people found Age pass folder in 2 DE PUP (cannot confirm its presence inside the official patch, didn’t check), devs know adding more civs to either game isn’t a solution, like it or not, while DLCs have added plenty to both DEs, it was a mistake by world’s edge to not prioritize aoe4 for this instead. and for anyone saying then support for DEs will be gone, ask yourself, is that really a bad thing? while you lose imo increasingly unnecessary balance patches, you ultimately gain smt else, they can’t take the game away from you unless steam collapses, and if no one fiddles with the code they can’t break anything either, again, aoe4 should be the game with majority of support allocated towards, its the new entry after all

WE didn’t make a “mistake”, AOE4 was in a beta state for more than a year. The only one that made a mistake was relic for rushing the game. And off course their slow patching and fixing stuff.

They also got 2 civs for free, no aoe game has ever received that treatment.


Aoe3 forum allows everyone to give opinions. It does not require user to own Aoe3. What’s wrong with that? I am ex-aoe3 player, i have the gane experience and knowledge, maybe more entitled to give opinion on aoe3 than you.