How long should we wait until we get the next DLC?

From the Mediterranean Knight DLC is over one year,we looking forward the next DLC.We want to see more civs or revs in the future.


I want to see more updates to outdated content first. Like finally giving some historical accuracy fixes to non-European civs (they recently did a lot for Euro civs). Or giving the British Manor a unique model. Or updating the campaigns.


Its highly likely in 2 months or 1. The July update is set to the 23rd.

There are references to Poland and the Danes in the Game Files. The Red Lancer that Dutch has access to in the PUP is a reference to the future DLC. Though this is just speculation or a minor leak that can be mistaken for future bigger content. Big updates like in this recent PUP is like a transition into accepting the new DLC into the current balance.

If you notice the notes on how many civs have been changed. Its to make sure the game feels fresh even before more attractive content to purchase becomes available. Its a long process and we shouldn’t rush a masterpiece.

I Hope this settles your hunger for it for at least a month or more XD.


How long should we wait until we get the next DLC?

As long as it takes until the next DLC. There’s no other option.


Yes, at the end of July or beginning of August…

We all want new civilizations, new DLC!!!

To be deliberately, obnoxiously precise, the next DLC will be the Hero Skin Pack Vol. 2 that will release sometime in July.

As one of my co-workers would say: “Ah, technically correct! The BEST kind of correct.”


People will complain if they are only skins, imagine having to wait a year for them to only give you skins…


Yeah. It would be extremely underwhelming. At least if it included more home city customization…
But just one year for a few hero skins is quite sad.


Yes, for that reason… I think the skins will come out but also another dlc (from the Baltic/Eastern Europe for example or from the Middle East) to complement it… AoE 3 DE had 2 dlcs/expansions in 2021 and 1 in 2022, therefore, in 2023 it will not be the exception, only that it would be in July or August, in the middle of summer… remember when TAR was announced, we did not think that there would be another expansion in 2021 and in addition to Africa…

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Well. I wouldn’t jump into making any conclusion. During the first 19 months the game got 2 major DLCs and 2 single civ DLCs ( as well as many events that I missed since I didnt’t have DE yet :smiling_face_with_tear:). Meanwhile, in the next 14 months the only thing we got was a hero skin pack. The DLC plan obviously has changed for some reason, whether it is the the devolpment of AoM or something we don’t know.

Sure, it’s most likely that it’s why they take so long…

new dlc is not a priority for the creators, that’s the reason why no new dlc was added

Yes it sad to play the game knowing there is a PUP.

I think it,is AOM retold… they using same engine as aoe3de, so devs are working on those. But tbh aoe3 has enough civs… new civs will unavoidably be OP, have something that break the game. Italy has been released for so long and still has so many stupid op stuff…malta, not op but huge unkillable guns and teleporting is still stupid…

Might still be out in August…

no one will create new DLC in the summer…

So we’re screwed if we have to wait until the end of the year…

Enough? It’s never enough!


It is worth remembering that at the moment there are a lot of complications with the new civs DLC:

  1. European DLC would require changes to Royal Houses (Winged Hussars if it was exclusive to the Royal House of Vasa instead of being UU for civ Poles it would be a disappointment - the same applies to Royal Huntsman for Danes civ and Totenkopf Hussar for Prussians civ)
  2. The Asian DLC needs a lot of work and tweaks to the old Asian civs. I think it would be most convenient for the creators to create a brand new Islamic civs category for such civs as Persians, Tatars, Arabs (Egyptians, Berbers and Moroccans could also fall into this category; Ottomans could also, to become even more historically accurate and cooler) so as not to have to struggle with TAD civs correction at the moment. Civilizations similar to those of the TAD (Chinese, Japanese and Indians) could be those from the Far East (Koreans) and South Asia (Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia and #####bly the Himalayas).
  3. Postcolonial civs are the easiest DLC to create, but I wouldn’t consider it a DLC I had to wait over a year for. American Native DLC would be way better!
  4. Oceania DLC would most likely be the first and last DLC from this region - Maori is a sure bet as a civ, while the second civ could be Hawaiians or maybe Malaysians (who, although not from Oceania, would still fit because of the Pacific DLC). I’m hoping it will eventually be built, but that’s probably in the distant future.
  5. The African DLC has the luxury that African civs are an entirely new category of civs and can run on their own rules created in the DE version. As mentioned above, Egyptians, Berbers and Moroccans could belong to a separate Islamic category of civs - other civs ruled by Islam could of course also appear in AoE 3, but they would already belong to the African category of civs - like Hausa civ. I think Congolese and Mutapa are mandatory candidates for the next civs from Africa - the third being Swahili (then it would be Bantu DLC). Also, I would like the third African DLC to take us to West Africa full of interesting potential civs - especially the Songhai.