How long should we wait until we get the next DLC?

I don’t think there’s such thing as shitty opinion, as long as you don’t state your opinion as facts.

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maybe not but there is a bad argument.


You deserve to be judged harshly if you think your subjective opinion is a fact. And you don’t read what others are telling you.

At this point, you are being a very annoying broken record and as you can see, nobody here is getting convinced by your opinion. Why is that?

Because your comments suggest that you basically have less skill in this game (which is fine, plenty of us are just casual). It’s really funny since you cannot learn new things, and you Don’t even play more than half of the civs. And yet you expect people here to respect your opinion?

Nobody buys them because people can tell that your opinions come from a place of not understanding the game. You’re no expert, and yet you act like your opinions are truth.

Of course people judge you. You deserve to be judged.


You don’t have to wait long. One month after its release we will be waiting for another DLC and speculating the death of the game.


Es cuestión de paciencia, de nada sirve hacer un berrinche, nadie socorrerá a nadie porque los cambios no son agrado de algunos o sus expectativas no se cumplen a corto plazo. Yo esperé como 20 años para ver cambios, no pueden esperar unos meses más?

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Regarding the original question, probably sometime late Autumn to Winter (Oct-Dec) at the earliest. The upcoming July patch seems to be a lot of hard work. I suspect the devs may next focus on updating other (maybe Asian?) civs.

Content-wise, the Persians, being one of the three Gunpowder empires, would probably take priority. There are a lot of research resources available, and they can be well designed either as an Asian or European civ. So the next DLC will probably be a single-civ Persian DLC (plus a minor update).

Down the line, I think the SEA (Southeast Asia) could be a good DLC. The Siamese, Burmese, and Vietnamese were all pretty active during the timeframe of the game (first fighting each other and the Qing, then the European powers). They could share quite a bit of assets (units, buildings, mechanics). Furthermore, local tribes (such as the Moro, Hmong, Meitei, Javanese, etc.) are quite diverse and could function as the minor civs. However, at the very earliest, this hypothetical SEA DLC would probably come out next Summer.

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Highly likely Denmark as a civ. Poland gonna be released as Revolt.

Gonna give 20% chance of this happening. Announcement at end of july or start of august. That or they announce skins season 2 before

i cant really see why they would do it that way.

sure logically denmark cant be a revolt while poland kind of could but realistically if they are going to make 1 a DLC, then why not both?

either neither is added, both added as civs or both added as revs.

i personally would prefer neither added over added as revolutions.


Imagine working on a huge patch with sneaking two flag icons in the game files which are some of the most requested civs and then suddenly having them only as revolts in the game…Yeah that would be a huge fail after having almost an entire year of no new civs, especially after finding something that could hype the crowd that keeps asking for new content.

It’s way way worse than the addition of Romans in AoE2DE and even Maltese in AoE3DE :sweat_smile:


At least Malta is a semi original own thing instead of Rome already existing in AOE1. Malta is very fun to play… But i do hope this poland and denmark are not a stark copy of AOE2 civs.

I for one hope they are civs with at least 2 factories. instead of 1 like italy and malta

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Malta was in the games as knigjt of st johns or something. Many of the units already exist

Bantu DLC first (Congo, Zulu and Swahili).
Africa was the “number one” continent to be colonized. AOE3 is (mainly) about colonization. More civilizations from this continent would be the most logical addition to the game.

Since there has been a long hiatus between the release of DLC, I doubt we’ll only get a single civ for the next DLC. I’ll go as far as saying that we might even get a 3 civ DLC, probably centered around Asia, in order to compensate for the fact that it’ll probably release with only a few new (probably around 10) maps and only 3 new minor civs, at best.

eh, africa was mostly colonized outside of the games time period.

also id argue strongly that the Americas was the most colonized, you still most find africans in africa while the new world was entirely reshaped culturally, linguistically and ethnically by the colonial period.


Yeah what part of semi original do you not understand. lols. I know their flaw but they still have a chance to shine at being the most badass roleplay civ in the game.

Playing them is the equivalent of Swat teams or Spec Ops


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Maybe, but I think Denmark would have lower priority compared to Persians or the SEA. Compared to other European powers, Denmark between 15th-19th century is a bit underwhelming. Their performance in Thirty Years War, Great Northern War, Napoleonic War, and Schleswig Wars varied between minor to unimpressive, and skipped out on the Seven Years War. Additionally, they had few oversea territorial colonies.

Africa was colonized during the period covered by the game, especially during the 19th century, so your assertion is false.
The Americas saw their population change because a large part of the natives disappeared due to the diseases brought by the Europeans. There was also a significant interbreeding between natives and Europeans. These ethnic and cultural changes are to be differentiated from colonization strictly speaking, which is an institution allowing a nation to establish its hegemony thanks to its external territories. In this sense, it is Africa that has been colonized the most.


Not anymore, ever since The Warchiefs the whole “colonization” theme has lost its meaning in the game.
Also @jonasnee4671 is right about Africa in AoE3 which wasn’t fully colonized by Europeans as it was during the very end of the 19th/start of the 20th century (Scramble for Africa) which is out of the game’s timeline.

Now that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be more African civs (personally I would like Kongo and Zulu/Shona as civs) but that also doesn’t mean that there’s any major “colonial importance” in Africa in the game over other continents.


Yep, it’s gone from European colonisation to pretty much the whole Age of Sail.

Certainly shouldn’t have any effect on more African civs being introduced as the narrative is changed and we’re not all Euro centric.