How many games have you played?

Played 2,705 ranked games on DE so far since its release, although I’m still not very good lol. I wanna see who has the forum record for the most ranked games.

My number of ranked games on DE is 0.


Yeah but they’re not on this forum

Me too, we are neck to neck on this race :joy::rofl::joy:


About 500 with RM, DE and EW combined.

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What is it about ranked games that you don’t like or puts you off?

I don’t like losing to real people.


Me niether…lol :rofl::joy::rofl: we still neck to neck in this race :joy::joy::joy:


It is just that I don’t have the time, I can play the Campaigns and pause them for as long and as often as I need without ruining the game for other players.

I rarely can be on the computer for more than 15 minutes before I have to pause to take care of something… sometimes it is just a minute, but it can be on pause until the next day.

That is one of the reasons…

I need time to get good. Time I don’t have

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Some of my best games were actually losses to real people as the game(s) themselves were tense and amazing.