How many levels are there in the game?

Hello fellow citizens !

I have just reached level 100 and the xp bar seems to go further so does anyone know how many level are there and what is the point of them in the long term ?

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Battle Pass and War Chest. Been my theory for a while. Adding more content and skins by leveling after you pay a set amount like 15USD.

Maybe Prestige Levels if they add more rewards to leveling like exclusive banner patterns, etc. and to show how “active” you are playing the game.

Please no. Don’t give them ideas. Microtransactions/battle pass does not belong in AOE. Expansions are the only acceptable additional cost.


I wouldn’t mind though if the DLC content allow you to unlock some masteries related to them tho.

Actually War Chest from SC2 is not bad if implemented properly to support the Pro scene or multiplayer. I really don’t care if they add cosmetic transactions but they have to fix a lot of the underlying issues like the ugly ui and all other bugs present.

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Please do not simp for a multibillion dollar company.

Nobody is “simping” for Microsoft. I’m just saying it doesn’t matter if they add those microtransactions or any expansion packs but they have to fix the game first. HRE needs buffs and French needs nerf. UI needs more options and more zoom levels. Photo mode is great for this game to help content creators. So much things to add before any expansions or cosmetics.

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But there is 0 reasoning for them to add such things for money when they could add them for free instead and make you earn them via in game achievements. Why would you voluntarily encourage/want them to add paid rewards that could instead be earned for no money? It makes 0 sense? It is not as though this game will struggle financially if relying solely on game/expansion sales. So you can’t even use the “supporting the developers” argument.

There is 0 rational reason to be in support of it.

Im imagining like for example if the DLC adds a new faction and campaign.
You could unlock masteries and profile stuff related to that faction.

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Actually I wouldn’t mind paying 15 usd for a complete skin overhaul of the HRE to make them themed as the Teutonic knights…


Actually I was a massive blizzard shill for many years. Guess I will invoke that same aura…

Alright lets get started! So think about this! Not only are you paying to support a company you love, you are also funding the continuation of a game you also love. With as little as 1 doller you will be taking a personal part in increasing both the size and volume of the huge pile of money our beloved AAA overlords have! Be apart of history and fund future tournaments, skins, and 24hour laboring with stretch goals!

So remember, don’t be a Sterling, be a Shilling in the pockets of our corporate overlords, thanks and please give more money to Activision-Blizzard Microsoft-Relic.

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Yes I understand your mindset but the gaming industry has changed so much that everything needs to give them some more “profit”. If you live in a capitalist world you understand how “reality” works. I bought the digital deluxe edition and I’m very aware that it’s kinda a scammy promotion regarding its “extra” contents. Also I mentioned I don’t care if they add any of those stuff, if I don’t like I won’t buy them. It all depends on the community.

So far the AOE franchise has done a good job of avoiding these things. Even with the recent AOE1, 2 and 3 Definitive edition remasters. There has been 0 microtransactions only expansion packs. If they have done this the last few years there’s no reason for them to change their business model for AOE4.

It’s nice to have a franchise that behaves a little differently than most others in the modern day right? The game industry may be ‘changing’ but so far the AOE franchise has remained above that and I hope it continues to do so. There is no reason for AOE to sully the prestige they’ve acquired over the last 20+ years with these ‘business practices’.