How many people here got their copy of Age of Empires 1 for free in a cereal box?

I remember it being the base vanilla AoE1, in a box of Kellogg’s cereal, with a little video clip advertising Age of Mythology included on the disk.

I remember getting that. It was awesome.

OK. Since I don’t eat Kellogg’s Nutra Grain I was left out and I now feel that I was discriminated against. I use to eat loads of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. :#

I’m pretty sure I got mine in one of Cornflakes, Rice Bubbles, or Crispix. Don’t remember which. But it certainly wasn’t only Nutragrain!

I got my copy of Aoe1 with my first computer the good ole 486 lol.

Nutri-grain ftw

My first experience with AoE was in my neighbor’s house. He received a PC GAMER CD that contained the demo version of AoE. After that, i spent countless hours of my childhood “stuck” to the screen playing it, over and over again until i bought the original!

So many good memories…

I got one, it never worked right, a dud.

Yeah I got one too, but my Step Dad stole it from me, my luck, grrrrrr :#

I remember playing the AoE demo disc for hours and hours

Yes nutra-grain set me onto a chain of Age of Empires games