How many players?

Is it going to be standard up to 8 players like other previous aoe series? Would be cool to see more players but probably cause lag or what not.

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This is probably relevant to your question;

In one of the interviews with Gamestar (that was translated from German), the following comments where made with regards to multiplayer and unit counts;

“In multiplayer mode, Age of Empires 4 will support games for eight players and everyone should command a stately army. In single player mode and campaign mode, however, you can then distribute this common unit maximum between computer AI and the solo player to stage truly gigantic battles. Just like in the trailer”.

What I take from this beyond confirmation that multiplayer will be 8 players is that they will identify what total number of units can be played in game while also maintaining reasonable computing performance. Just as an example, lets assume that number is 4000 simultaneous units maximum. For 8 player multiplayer, the population cap for each player would have to be 500. However, what this suggest is that if there are only 2 players, that 4000 unit cap could be split between the 2 players, so each players population cap could be 2000 units.


Just guessing…
Each computer may be able to compute on behalf of the max units, resulting in a higher max on the map with more players partaking.

in cossacks,you command very gigantic armies.tbh it is funny and realistic.more population limit in aoe4 would be great


Would be cool to have higher than 8 player cap, but lets be honest, how often yall tryna play with 8 or more people in one game at one time? Plus that would mean you would have to make bigger maps and possibly restrict which maps are played by # of players.

There’s no such issue in singleplayer. Empire Earth 1 allowed up to 16 players even.

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My group of friends has an AoE II:DE night every other weekend and we have to decide who will be left out each and every time. It sucks, Ludicrous Map size already exists and judging by what they consider an 8 person map, Ludicrous could easily fit 12.

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2000 in a heads-up that´d be pretty nice for my taste alrdy… hrhrhr…^^