How Map Rotation works?

I’ve been trying to get back constantly to ranked games but my favorite maps are water ones and they don’t appear as often as the rest.

I was happy because on the last voting I was able to vote and have migration chosen by the Devs. But today I find out the maps have been changed, there’re no water maps at all and I can’t find any recent voting post of the community.

Hence the question, How Map Rotation works?, When do they change? How ofter can we vote on it.

The maps should have been rotated as posted. I think one of two possibilities happened:

  1. The hotfix last night reinstated something that reset the map pool to the previous one by accident.
  2. The devs realized the issues with arabia were too much to ignore after reading forums and watching T-West’s video and wanted to reinstate Runestones back into the map pool as a means to placate that contingent of the community before they can get a quick update out.

As much as I love tinfoil conspiracies, it’s probably option 1.

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