How modable do you think Age of Empires 4 will be?

I play age of empires mostly because of the mods… be it custom campaigns or major overhaul mods. So i was thinking how moddable the game will be? will it just have scenario editor and people can make custom campaign or will the modders be able to make some overhaul mods like lord of the rings , game of thrones etc?


If it’s anything like Company of Heroes 2 (Relic previous game), it will be very limited. But let’s hope it’s way more capable this time.

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This is exactly what I think I’m very afraid because the relic games is really very limited level editor, there is no way to have access to scripts.
They just offer the ability to create cards I hope it’s not just that.
I have a lot of script ideas for AOEIV so I hope this will be possible.


but this time worlds edge and forgotten empires(who were modders once) are involved in decision making too right? and also they were under Sega back then but now are under microsoft


The mod will be like aoe3 or less.

Only allowing players to place objects on map or to set basic objective.

Objects will not be able to be modify.

It will be basic like the game.

Hopefully all the way into Essence Engine itself, so that we’ll be able to edit the graphics and enable multi-cores functionality.


that would be really sad and the game would die for casual players, hope we dont get to this

With a few small changes, maybe we don’t need real big mods. Who knows in the future the trebuchets will be powered by ox carts, the cannons by oxen, mules, horses, people, and the boats will be manned by at least a few sailors? Maybe we can just do good campaigns, add some interesting scenery elements and we can make beautiful scenery for epic battles using what the game already provides? This idea excites me a lot, as I spend a lot of time making mods, for now for myself, for the previous titles in the saga.

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really want to play some helm deep scenario with lord of the rings… just imagine how epic it would be with those scalable walls in aoe 4, btw what kind of mods you make?

I would like to see orc and troll units for Mordor etc. And Gondorian themed units for Gondor.

Mordor strengths would be that it’s orc take less population space and are dirt cheap. But terrible fighters. With things Trolls being their good units.

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projectiles not 100% accurate dataset when?

We need a " desert strike" mod, like in starcraft 2.

It is very popular.