How much does the AI cheat?

To clarify: I know the AI is improved from the original, and I also know, as a fact, that it cheats on resources. All I’m asking for is the exact numbers.

AFAIK hardest = hard +20% handicap and extreme = hard +40% handicap


It’s not also a fixed bonus of resources at the start?

I don’t think so. It is only a boost in gather rate as far as I know (maybe training time as well ?)

They end up getting more at the start coz they gather 20% - 40% (hardest - expert) more from the crates due to the handicap

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Ahh that makes sense. So they practically start out with almost an entire extra crate of wood and practically two extra crates of food. That explains a lot.

Does anyone have a solid rush strategy that tends to work on them? I’ve tried and found it difficult, which is dissatisfying if I can’t practice rushes outside of online games to work out kinks.