How much fish for age of empire 4?

How much fish should age of empire 4 have?

lol depends on the map I suppose.


The villagers need their Omega 3 fatty acid, so as plentiful if you don’t mind.


You are rigth, maybe the fish and the animals, sould be able to reproduce their self…

Or just had a big number on the group. XD

Fish are confirmed to regenerate by themselves, the only resource to do so


This is a weird concern. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


one small pond in front of tc with 1 shore fish

First edit: (Disclosure: the contain will exagerate and it is not a will to implant a change, be advise)

Hell no!

No pond fish beside the town center!

People only build a dock and a fishing boat, and look at it, all game.

Imagine a server full of game, where people only look at the fish pond.

The game just don’t end!

And don’t talk about tournament, all that distraction cost a mager drop in pro player apm, has they see it drop to 0…

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More than will be there.