How powerful is goth flood with support?

How strong is the goth flood in a team game? Late game it has reached its full potential.

Masses of champions, huskarls, and halberdiers. Combined with a steady flow of trade cards to keep the gold coming in. In addition allied units such as longbows, elephant units, and other units.

Masses of champions can deal with annoying halberdiers to protect their ally’s elephants. Long Bowman can be ridiculously annoying to deal with with masses of infantry acting as a meat shield. There are probably many other units that can benefit greatly with masses of infantry to protect their weaknesses.

Very strong, the +10 pop definitely helps here.

Goth is probably a top 10 late game civ overall in 1v1 and I reckon it’s not too different in TGs.

The problems is that in TGs Goths are weak in Castle Age where they can play neither Xbow nor Knights (because they can’t transition to the Imperial age variant of the unit) but on a map like BF they are good.