How prevalent is alt-f4 in your elo? 1v1 Ranked

As per a suggestion i am splitting up between two polls. Do you experience alt-f4 at your elo on 1v1 ranked?

ALT-F4 In 1v1 Ranked
  • 0-400 elo yes
  • 0-400 elo no
  • 401-800 elo yes
  • 401-800 elo no
  • 801-1100 elo yes
  • 801-1100 elo no
  • 1101-1300 elo yes
  • 1101-1300 elo no
  • 1301-1600 elo yes
  • 1301-1600 elo no
  • 1601-1900 elo yes
  • 1601-1900 elo no
  • 1901-2100 elo yes
  • 1901-2100 elo no
  • 2101-2400 elo yes
  • 2101-2400 elo no
  • 2401- up elo yes
  • 2401-up elo no

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What counts as experienced Alt-f4? You have personally had it happen to you and consider it a problem. If you look at the forum this seems like an epidemic. In 1v1 im at 800 elo and never noticed. I like stats and was wondering if it is elo specific. Like you get high enough and people just dont want to lose elo on a game because of the map they are in. If you are an f4er let us know your main motivation.

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Big relief, one-true map players. You can say it isn’t an issue even if 1/3rd of the maps you queue up for get dodged by you.

Here’s the followup question:

Do you Alt-F4 maps you don’t like?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sandwich

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I made it so noone knows what you vote so honestly here.

My poll is to inspect the forth-righteousness of the Alt-F4 crew. There’s enough on the forums that we’ll get some indication of how many are convinced of it’s reasonableness… compared to how many of them have a guilty conscience about it.

Sounds reasonable. So when you do it, its because you don’t like the map. Do you not like the challange of beating an unfamiliar map? Also since its ranked don’t you think elo should include over all map performance and not just on one map? Similarly why not just make your preferred map on the open lobby so your not stuck shifting through games.

I think Alt + F4 is more of a problem in team games, since any Alt + F4 in a teamgame impacts more players. I rarely notice the problem in 1v1, though I do on occasion in teamgames, especially 4v4.


I made one for team game as well

14xx here, I get Arabia almost every game, and it fits me, so it is not a problem for me.
When I get a map I don’t want to play, like Islands or Arena, I don’t Alt+F4 (unless I get them few times in a row, then I do), but I am actually quite happy if the opponent does.


Mainly because the open lobby is terrible:

  • Matches are super unbalanced: unranked Elo is not visible and usually unreliable
  • Matches are laggy, usually unplayable 50% of the time late game (likely due to players not being forced to pass the perf test, and maybe less powerful servers than ranked)
  • Slower, tedious to setup, more casual playerbase, etc.

Rather than improving the lobby which is pretty far behind, it would be much simpler to redesign the matchmaker so that everyone could be happy.


It would be hilarious if this poll was a trap and the alt-F4 yes voters get banned from ranked :joy:

I’m 1300+ and like Arabia and Atacama. I don’t really have an alt-F4 problem 1v1. It happens extremely rarely (usually an opponent who wants to play Arena I guess).

But in Teamgames it is a bigger problem. It happens on a regular basis. After being in the que for 5min and more this really sucks…

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Way to get players out of the game, eh?

i accidentally clicked 11-13 no, when i meant to click 11-13 yes and now i cant change my vote

just as an example tho