How Relic can make team games great again

Hey folks,

I play a lot of team games. A solid team game match is easily the most fun thing you can do in AOE4 imo. But, I acknowledge that there’s some things holding the experience back, and they can make team games a pretty frustrating ordeal at times.

Here’s 4 suggestions on how to fix some of the team game UI - hopefully this will make the experience a lot smoother for people. I feel that none of these features would be asking for too much. They all seem relatively doable to me. And I figure that if I made the design mockup myself, it would make the message clearer than just me describing it with words.

I also created a full video on my youtube channel where I go in depth about these features:

Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts on these designs, and what you think I missed.


What do i have to say? Amazing why we don’t have it? :sob:

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Team colors being related in some way (warm vs cold) sounds like a great way to improve readability in a team game. I like the idea of having statistics for team fights, it may not be as useful in active gameplay though. Would be very handy for reviewing a replay or having it pop out a stat page exactly as you have it, but in the post game menu. Mostly worried that large amounts of data may be overwhelming in the moment, however it could work as a sort of after action report.

Having knowledge of where I’m going to be on the map would be a massive addition, my first 2 minutes is orienting my strategy to my position. It would help understand before even loading in what I should focus on, and would allow me to organize strategies with teammates over comms so we’re not all scrambling at the start. Maybe even having a selection for flank vs pocket?

I honestly feel all of these suggestions would improve gameplay. There should be a focus on team games in a future update and these are all solid ideas to build off of!


very good suggestions for improvements

The possibility of choosing the starting position is amazing.

I also like the team colors and stats.

It’s small mprovements like these that will take Age 4 to another level.

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I really want the placement choice.

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