¡How Should Priest, Surgeons and Spies be!

This 3 (Priests, Surgeons, Spies) units should be more in the game but because the are so expensive or weak or they need cards for being more playable and nobody wants to sacrifice some other more usefull cards, so this is how I would improove this guys;

There should be this Golden card (Advanced Church) that should do as the same as Master Surgeons and Agents card (this 2 cards should be removed)
This wouldn’t be enough for people use this card or this units, so my proposal is that surgeons, spies and priests should cost 100 gold, no population cost and a limit of 10 priests (like Spanish missionaries), 15 or 10 assasins and maybe 5 surgeons.

Maybe this Advanced Church card should include that all basic technologies should be a bit cheaper? (maybe this is to much) but of course this card should improove HP of the building and a faster rate of building it as the other Advanced cards (that almost no one uses also) work.
And Agents should get range damage (with the gun as the illustrations suggest) and as me and other players has suggested.

Even tho I think not to much people would use this card anyway because this fellas don’t win wars (games), they help a little but should help more so there’s more strategy in this STRATEGY game.

thanks for your comments.

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I build spies almost every game around the 10th minute mark, and position them in an array around my base. They are essentially legit map hacks.

Priests could probably get a boost in healing speed. Surgeons are fine the way they are IMO.

These 3 are underused. I hardly see any top players using them.

There can be few changes that may make them more appealing and possibly change strategy. Here are few ideas.

Can worship (which is similar to garrison) into the church which increases the church xp trickle, while inside church only. This can be an upgrade from the church at age 2-3.

Needs Master Surgeons card only to be created.
Reduce the wood cost for field hospital to 150W
Field hospitals give a temporary increase HP or increase defence to nearby units in a specific radius for 45 sec period.

Needs agent card. This allows spies (now agent) to have a ranged attack. I agree as they have a gun in their picture they should be able to use that gun.

What do you guys think?

Why not draft a new mechanic alltogheter - Conversion - like the aoe II

Improve the conversion mechanic of the priestess

Imams, Priests, Missionaries, Warrior Priests, Native Healers, can now convert units as well.

Make an equivalent unit for each asian civ.

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I agree, the Monks from AoEII are some of the most beloved units of the series and the “Wololo” is known even by people who never played any Age game. Bringing this mechanic to AoEIII (in a properly balanced manner) will be a fun and interesting addition.

We already know that unit conversion can be done in Age III by some very specific units, it shouldn’t be too hard to expand this mechanic. Maybe priests/imans/priestess/etc become more expensive since they can both heal and convert units, while surgeons and healers are a cheaper alternative that can only heal, but not convert.