How should "stand ground" work?

The way the “stand ground” command for units currently works is not great.

AoE4: Pressing the key toggles it ON or OFF. Issuing any movement command turns it OFF.

SC2 and others: Pressing the key any number of times turns it ON. Issuing any movement command turns it OFF.

AoE2: Stand ground is one of several mutually exclusive stances. Pushing the key any number of times turns it ON and any previously selected stance OFF. The current stance is not turned OFF by movement commands.

I think the current implementation is the worst of all worlds. Pushing it too many times can end up with it not in the setting you want. It’s pretty much pointless to have the key toggle it off since any other command will do so anyway.

The SC2 method is fine, basically a better version of what we have, but no additional functionality.

I think the AoE2 method is by far the best. It allows you to have stand ground, or other stances (defensive, aggressive, no attack) maintained through movement commands and avoids the issue of toggling the setting too many times.

What do people think about “stand ground”? Would you like the functionality to change, would you like additional stances such as AoE2 has?

I propose that the s of stop, cancel the V, that would work

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I have noticed that the S, if it cancels the V