How should the campaign missions be like for Age of Mythology II + DLC?

Assuming if there were new civs to play and that the new campaign has over 50+ missions…

New potential civs:

  • Mexica (Basically the Aztecs but with history that dates further back in order to make them more ancient and aligned with the other old civs.)

  • Celtic

  • Chinese

  • Hindu

  • Japanese

  • Maori

  • Mesopotamian

  • Persian

  • Slavs

  • It should only follow the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Norse just like the original game.
  • It should only follow the new civs. Give the new civs a spotlight this time.
  • It should follow the main three and the new civs equally.
  • It should follow the original three mainly and less of the new civs.
  • It should follow the new civs mainly and less of the original civs.

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