How should we celebrate the second anniversary of Age of Empires 3de and the Age of Empires series. 25th anniversary

There are still three months until the 2nd anniversary of aoe3de’s release. Everyone can see the changes in this game. There are more and more old and new players returning to the game. I hope there will be a dlc about Asia this October that will enrich the Asian map, units, mercenaries, aboriginals, etc. Another free event like the US dlc. I think it’s time to give everyone Berbers a free bonus. This civilization is well-established in historical battles. Just a tech tree. Finally, I wish the Age of Empires series better and better.


I doubt we’ll get a free DLC civ. If anything the base game could eventually become free when there’s a whole stack of endless DLC to buy.


Moroccans and potentially Berbers (free civ) civs in AoE 3? Cool :sunglasses:

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Campaign & historical battle pack. Free for DLC owners.


All games free for a week, +50% discount on all DLC.


Age of Empires 1 mod for Age of Empires 3.

I think another free to play weeklong event would be great to attract new players into the community.

Con que los dejen gratis por 2 días y un descuento para los dlc´s mucha gente se engancharía