How should work the **** ATTACK MOVE?

Ok, so I just finished a game, I was the HRE, the other the french. He beat my army, and was ahead of eco, so well, it was gg.

Nothing wrong until here, but then I thought: since I’m at it, I’ll try to get the “50 kills with landskenechts” achievement.

So I massed about 100 landskenechts, knowing that I already have some kills, and hoped that it was enough. So when the enemy attacked me, I “attack moved” the enemy army, just see some landskenechts attack the first enemy, and then seeing most of them running around the enemy army.

I mean, I get that there might not be enough space for them to attack all in the front-line, but some literally runned around for miles before hitting something… I mean in those cases even the worst archers can just shred them.

I’ll guess that I’ll comple9the achievements against the AI, but onestly, I’m just disappointed, I hoped better for the HRE infantry… or the melee units in general…

You have to press A + LFB… If you press right mouse bottom they don’t attach move, they just attack the selected unit or even worse move to that position without attack anything. In my early plays I do that error so many times :roll_eyes:
I suggest you to make masteries against AI

In order to get that mastery you have to use regular landsknechts.
For some reason the elite landsknechts don’t count towards the progress

Am I right in saying that the way that the AI behaves when you tell it to attack a specific unit is different in IV than in previous games? I never used to use attack move much (in fact it was only added in AoEIII if I remember correctly), but I never had issues getting my units to attack, and continue attacking, like I do in IV.

It feels like in previous games if ordered to attack a unit, and that unit died, the AI would attack units nearby. Whereas in this game they just stop. They only continue attacking if there is another enemy in their aggro range.

Does anyone find how this works in AoEIV desirable? What is the actual benefit of it?

You need to click on the ground with the attack move, in front, or behind where you want to attack. Don’t click on a unit.

No doubt this is the solution – but why? Why is this necessary in AoEIV when I don’t remember it being necessary in previous games (and indeed it couldn’t be in AoE, AoEII or AoM because they didn’t have the functionality!)

If you see units moving like that press S to stop and they will target the closest enemy. Yes I hate it when knights do this. Just press S to stop and they will attack more efficiently.

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Ive not done any of the tutorials so i dont know if training explores these different ways of attacking but i rather the AI priority attacking the selected unit i choose even if forced mt army to run in circles. There are many times where i want specific units targetd first and i dont want AI overriding said command to just hit anything.

But i would agree there SHOULD be a clear noticeable way to do either command: attack specified units vs just attack whatever is close.

It is in the art of war challenges.

Secondly, if you want to attack a specific unit, use archers, crossbows, handcannoneers or siege. That works fine.

Or use only a handfull melee units.
Otherwise your army will be inactive until they can interact with this specific unit.

It works fine if you ask me, you just need to get used to work with it.

I wouldn’t say it works fine compared to AoE 2’s defensive and aggressive stances. In 2 I almost always use defensive stance, but 4 essentially forces aggressive stance on you all the time. And stand ground is nigh on useless in AoE 4, whereas it’s extremely useful in AoE 2 with ranged units.

You are talking off topic here.
Would love to have the modes as well, (patrol f.e. is coming) but that has nothing to do with attack mode and the pathing we are talking about here.

In AoE 2, the stances affect the behaviour when you attack move, and stop the units from running around all over the place like the OP describes.

Yeah… then I’ll sure get it again the IA.

That’s what I already do, although I changed the hot keys, so probably I should check.

Yeah I already do that, but still that happens… unless I always mistakenly hit a unit…

That’s a good advice.

I recommend you the habit of using s key, to stop the previous order, the unit by default will attack what is nearby. What you mention is due to two reasons: you gave the order to attack an enemy unit that is in the center of your group, or if you fail to click, you give the order to move, so once they are close, select them and press " s"

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if you press the A key in the center of the rival group, they will want to get to the site and then attack, click on the ground with the A key near the enemy group


That’s what I usually do, or at least what I think I’m doing, but it doesn’t seem to matter…

Maybe I need to be more careful, on late game it’s not uncommon to click a unit by mistake.