How team bonus works? What Happens when there are two Spanish players in the same team?

That means that the team has 50% trade bonus or not? And what about AOE3 team cards? (I am lazy to take the same question again)

In Age of Empires 2 team bonuses doesn’t stack. So same civilizations in same teams useless. I don’t play Age of Empires 3 so I don’t know about cards.


No and this is why 4 sapnish players mean 100 per cent more gold which is super op

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But this si the aoe2 forum… you will get your answer way faster over at aoe3forum?

Since it is relevant, UT does stack. Currently there are 3 UTs that helps the whole time - Berbers ‘Kasbah’, Vietnamese ‘Paper Money’ and Cumans ‘Cuman Mercenary’.


Team bonuses are applied at the start of the game. Any changes in diplomacy later in a game doesn’t have any effect. So adding a Spanish as your ally in a diplomacy game doesn’t give you extra trade bonus.