How the elo rating points works?

Hey guys i have a question about how the elo system works, in general i know that when you face opponent have elo much higher than you, you will get many points and if you face opponent much less than you, you will get few points or you will not even get anything, but as you know most of they player you will face are actually same elo as you, like if you are 1300 you will face 1300, if your 1000 you will face 1000 and like this sometimes less or more a little.

My question why do you get some times like +15 points and sometimes +20 or sometimes even +25 or 30!!! And some times just 10 points even if the player same elo as you!!! Just how the elo things work here?!

Sometimes the ELO system doesn’t change your score after a match and catches up the next match, so maybe you had the ELO from two matches won. Or your opponent had a higher rank that you did, it can happen for a variety of reasons, for instance the TG ELO does influence your 1v1 score so maybe your opponent plays a lot of TG but isn’t used to 1v1.

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Yeah but lets talk about 1v1, why there are variety in points added/deducted even in same elo? Why sometimes you get +15/+16/+20/+25 or -12/-15/-18 how are they calculating this? Does this depend on score difference (eco/military/society, etc) or something?

No, your performance does not influence the number of Elo points.
You should get more points if you beat a higher ranked opponent and less if you beat a lower ranked opponent. But the Elo points are sometimes a little bugged. Sometimes after a match the new Elo does not show up for half an hour or more so when you hover over the icon of an opponent it might show an older number then the one that was used for your matchmaking game.
But oftentimes the game is up to date and gives you the up to date value. But then you have to consider that you just changed his score by winning and him losing.
For example:
You win and get 20 points and look at your opponents ELO. It’s 5 points below yours. But that means he lost 20 ELO. That means when you both startet the game he was 35 ELO points above you.
That a big difference and the reason you got a lot of points (even though the opponent is now ranked lower then you)…

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Yeah but what about the difference about points that you got/lost, why sometimes +16 sometimes +10 some times +19 with opponent have the same elo? How do they calculate this? Is their specific value or equation or something? Because you will get different points every game

Do you mean you and your opponent had exactly the same ELO before the match startet and you checked on that it was correctly updated at that point?
That actually never happened to me in 200+ 1v1 games…
But it seams as the teamgame ELO might also be considered to a certain amount. For example after my first 1v1 match I was ranked at 1200elo (I had played a couple of ranked Teamgames before).

For example, 2 days ago I had 2 1v1 matches. I won both.
The first opponent was ranked 13 ELO points higher then me before the match. After winning I got 16 points.
The second opponent was ranked 27ELO points lower then me before the game startet. After winning I gained 14 ELO points.

The difference is quite small. However, bot had about the same Teamgame rating which was 100elo points lower then my Teamgame Elo.

The Devs did not completely explain how the Elo system works.

I think in the old days on voobly people startet at 1600Elo and gained 16points when beating an opponent of similar ELO.
Up to 32 Elo if your opponent was ranked higher and down to 1 ELO point if your opponent was ranked lower then you…

Yes, there a specific equations to calculate the Elo wins / lose after a game.

This thread might be interesting for you as well. The devs did never explain the Elo system, but based on the standard Elo system and based on the data we can found on for example we are able to found most of the rules.

This explain how basic Elo works. It will give the basic equations behind the basic elo calculations. I think the devs used K=30 or K=32. On average you will gain by a win 15 (k=30) or 16 (k=32), but if you win against higher rated players, then you will gain more. If you win against lower rated players, then you will gain less. The same is true for losses. If you loose against some one with lower rating, then you will loose more. If you loose against someone with higher rating, then you will loose less. In the most extreme cases you win the full K-value. This will happens if you win against someone which elo is more the 400 higher then yours. In basic elo, it holds that the amount of elo won by one player, is equal to the amount of elo lost by the other player.

Until now this is the basic Elo calculations. There are some adjustments:

  • In the first games, you gain/loose more elo. There is some kind of factor applied in the first 10 games (this number can be some higher/lower). Afaik how this mechanic exactly works, isnt known. It looks like they start with a factor 3 or something like that. So they dont win or loses 15 elo on average, but around 45 elo each game. This way you can climb the ladder more easily in the first games.
  • Elo is designed for 1v1. So it needs some adjustments for TGs. In DE the elo is calculated for each player individually. It uses your elo and compare this to the highest elo of the enemies. This rule is the reason why team games are inflated. If you win, then your elo will be compared to someone with high elo. Standard elo rules say you need to gain a lot of elo. If you loose, then your elo will be ompared to someone with high elo. Standard elo rules this time say that you need to loose a few points. So overall the average Elo on the ladder will increase no matter what.

Hopefully i helped you understanding the Elo calculations a bit more.


Thanks man, yeah this will be helpful