How to add new building options on the Villager Grid Building TAB?

I want to add new building options to English Civilization as I will get some buildings from Norman Civilization from the campaign.

On the picture I attached above, you can see the X marks for the empty Grid slots when you click on villager to choose a building option.

In Content Editor, I couldn’t find how to add new building options to add on the villager grids TAB.

If anyone knows how to do it, please would you guild me? thank you very much.

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Hello, if you know how to modify upgrades I’d appreciate you passing that on. Most of them that I want to change, like changing herbal_medicine bonus from 60 percent back to 100 percent, I don’t see where that can be done in the upgrade_bag.

To modify what the English villagers can build and to modify the size of the grid for each age read on.

Modifying the size of the grid for each age.
While in the content editor click on the Attributes tab and select menu from the drop down options. Then in the menu\attributes inspection window you will see eng_age1, eng_age2, eng_age3, eng_age4. Clone the ones you which to modify. Then in the menu_bag for each of the cloned grids you will see behaviour and you can set how many columns and rows you want each to have.

Choosing which buildings you want the English Villagers to be able to build, in which age and where in the grid.
Step 1: In the Content Editor, select the Attributes tab and then select sbps in the drop down options.
Step 2: Clone attributes\races\english\unit_villager_1_eng.
Step 3: Select the unit you just cloned, there will be a set of extensions on the right. Select squad_engineer_ext\construction_groups. You will see 7 construction groups, 1 for each of the four ages and 3 for building landmarks\wonders. So lets say you wanted to add the Mongol outpost to Age I, row 2, column 4 in the screenshot you provided. If you right-click on the plus sign next to the left of “1.construction_group” it will expand that entire construction_group. The devs have actually done a decent job commenting this extension and you can see that construction_item 1 is House and will appear in ui_position_column 1 and ui_posotion_row 1.
If you right-click on 1.construction_group\\items you will see a new poopup window with the option to Add, hover your mouse over it and select “construction_item”. This will create a new construction_item at the bottom of the list of items for this construction_group. If you right-click on this new constrution_item you can select “Edit Comment …” and it will let you type in something to remind you of what this item is or why you added it. Then in this new construction_item double click on ebp and a new popup window will appear with all of the valid things your villager can build. There is a search bar that you cursor will land in by default just above the Tree View and List View tabs. Type in outpost_mon and the list will be filtered to show all of the mongol outposts that can be built, which is only 1, select it and hit return or select the OK button. Next expand ui_position to show the row and column numbers and set ui_position_column to 4 and ui_position_row to 2.
That is it. After you build your mod you will see the mongol outpost there ready to be built.

I am not sure which items you want to add to those positions you have marked with an X, or perhaps you want to move something from Age I to Age II. If you want to move something you will have to add it to the constrution_group for that age and remove it from the construction_group for the age you are taking it out of. It can all be done right there in the unit_villager_1_eng\squad_engineer_ext.

requirements_ext might need to be changed
Depending on which thing you want to add or move you may have to go to the ebps entry\requirement_ext for that building or structure and make sure there aren’t any requirements that need to be changed or removed. For example: If you wanted to move the English Archery Range from Age II to Age I it has a requirement_ext\requirement_table\required_player_upgrade\upgrade_name of attributes\upgrade\dev\ages\feudal_age with is_present set to True. Meaning it would show up in the Age I grid but you would not be able to build it until Age II. If you simply removed the requirement it could be built in Age I. So make sure you always check the requirements_ext of any unit, building, upgrade, etc that you are cloneing and moving somewhere else.


All of the upgrades are similar to each other.

For example “villager textile”

** upgrade > ui_info > help_text_formatter > formatter_arguments > int_value > from 25 to 1000

** If you want you can apply the Textile Upgrade to other entity units too

filter_conditions > apply_to_unit_classes > villagers > add (extra HP for other entities you want)

Thus, herbal_medicine bonus upgrade will be the similar like above example.

You can change the herbal_medicine bonus from here

@PopsiclePrime Do you know how to increase the gold income from Sacred / Holy Site and the from the Relic when we put it inside of the Religious Building? thank you.

Hey there. I tried changing the int_value and it looks like it only changed the number in the rollover text in-game, not the actual health increase.

As for the gold income from Sacred sites and relics I think I saw that somewhere before. I’ll look for it again and get back to you.

Well, I took a good look around and I can’t find anything about increasing the gold rate for holy sites or relics.

If you look in ebps\gameplay\relics there are entries for holy_site and relic. Perhaps you can find something in there that will help.

You’re looking at the wrong place, since relic deposit and income is different in races and buildings.

A good way is file search (eg. by Notepad++) for the xml’s directly in the attributes folder. There are many hits for ‘relic’ in various files. Also in xml’s not displayed in the editor.

Good to know. Thanks

Thanks for the detailed steps, I learned how to add buildings from other civilizations. But there is a problem. Take adding Mongol outposts to English as an example. When there is no Mongol in the game, the Mongol outposts built by England will turn into red boxes, which tells me “This model has not been preached. So all you get is this box. It is not as pretty.” Do you ever encounter that situation? Is there any solution you found? Thank you again!