How to avoid asian servers?

Hi there,

I have my server choice set to Europe but 90% of the players I am matched with and against (team games) are asian. I don’t really mind but being unable to have a shared language and their…different approach to playstyles gets very tiresome.

Would it help if I set my server to US west?

Many thanks

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Can’t do it now, but you can log in game later, because it is the evening of the Asian time zone.
In a few hours, there will be more online players come from Europe and the eastern US.
Just try not to log in so early like this, I mean like the time you post this.

Oh boy, I once suggested a language preference in the option menu on the public AoE discord to exactly address what you are describing. Ultimately had to leave the discord because someone kept calling me racists as a result. Even trying to elaborate it did not work as he said he did not have to read what I say to know I’m racist.

GL but if the internet is anything consistent your life here is over.


Yeah I am taking pains to avoid that…but it’s really ruining the game for me. My brother and his friend stopped playing months ago due to the same issue.

I know I should just play in a premade but that is often not possible with my current friend group.

So many players (from all countries) just seem so…unresponsive. Like they’re playing with a 30 second delay. They won’t build troops or defences. All they want to do is spam traders and villagers. They often don’t even react to the enemy raiding their trader lines instead they will just build replacements.

Then when the inevitable feudal royal knights come they get rolled over. Game after game. I’m in elo hell XD

I just wish I could at least talk to them to explain. Even pings don’t make them react so I dunno.

The same, bro. The language barrier, not to mentions other problems… I would love to see an option to match only with players who can speak english

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it is because you should play preferably in peak time

I play at all sorts of times. Morning, lunch, late afternoon, evening GMT. Whenever I get time for that day. Makes no change at all sadly.

What game mode do you play? I notice the same thing in quick match, vs AI especially but also pvp. When I play ranked it seems to be more english-speaking players thankfully. But it’s probably 50% non-english or mute otherwise.

I just play 3v3/4v4 quick match mainly but may look at ranked if that has a better…server situation.

I understand you but i guess the 3 most wisely used languages in the world are English, Chinese and Spanish. Spanish and Chinese speaking players are usually in their own time zone. English is by far the best it has speakers all around the world. You should feel happy that you speak English. From Chinese or Spanish speakers’ perspective, it is even more difficult for them to find same language players. They are more frustrated than you most likely.

Btw i speak both Chinese and English so I have no problem with matchmaking but many of my friends only speak Chinese. So they struggle more at finding good teammates.