How to balance Wonders in Team games?

As we all know, Wonders are a bit of a misery for the team game experience.

Partly due to the immense map sizes meaning you have precious little time to actually GET to the enemy base with a force capable of cracking their defences, defeating their forces and then getting to the back corner of their base to destroy it/ LM the builder.

Also 3k of each resource is no great feat to acquire in 3v3/4v4, especially if you have allies sending resources here and there.

So what can we do to try and balance the ‘wonders built’ to ‘game enjoyed’ ratio?

I’ve got some ideas below but please pitch in with any others you have. These could be applied individually or several etc. Whatever gets the best results.

  • Increase cost?
  • Increase timer?
  • Building a wonder reveals your landmarks in the fog of war to the enemy, making you easier to LM?
  • Building a wonder of your own will reset the enemy Wonder to 14:30 minutes, so they will still be ahead but the timer is ultimately reset?
    *Remove build speed bonus for China on Wonders to make counter building a wonder a possibility for players with sufficient economy?
    *A building exclusion zone around the wonder to force the builder to defend a larger area of wall?

Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.


Yes, I know I should apply more early pressure.
Yes, I know I should build 12K worth of units.
Yes, I know I should play 1v1.



All they need to do is add more time to wonder and sacred sites depending size of game. For example if its 2v2 then increase the timer by 5mins or whatever would feel suitable.


Just remove them from team games or triple the resource needed and time to make. Tell then its broken and lame AF
case closed


Yeah I like this idea, times should increase with map size, sometimes it’ll take me 4 mins just to put an army together and march to a sacred site in a 4v4 size map, much less fighting and capturing it

Scale wonder cost to the number of players in the game.

e.g. 1000 f/w/g/s per player in the game

1v1: 2000 f/w/g/s
2v2: 4000 f/w/g/s
3v3: 6000 f/w/g/s
4v4: 8000 f/w/g/s

Numbers can be adjusted. But, would see more wonders in 1v1 and far fewer in 4v4, as it should be.


Another option would be to scale wonder cost to the number of players on your team.

That way, ffa or 1vx would be a fair resource cost.