How to beat monks?

Hello, I played against a Russian player having an army + monks. So I made spies but it didn’t kill them. How to beat them?

Thans for answers ! :slight_smile:

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Well monks can’t fight so just build whatever counters his army. What was he building?

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monks have a lot of hp but no direct counters. you’ll need to counter with units that do high damage, and not rely on multipliers, since none will affect monks. muskets, hussars, doppelsoldners, skull knights, things like that. Age 2 china really struggles against monk spam-

what civ were you playing?

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I was playing England, yet I had a lot of musk / hussar. I totally forgot to make walls, thanks for the valuable advice

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what monks are? russians dont have monks

unless this is
you would use anyhting that has bonus versus infantery and its not heavy infanteryt

from the church my dude. team cheap priests

but why the need to kill rusian monks? they just heal injured units

they have like 400 hp and russian players hide their muskets and strelets behind them to make their army stupid tanky and impossible to micro against. priests do have 5 punchy dmg too so they’re not entirely useless

they canonly heal when troops arefighting

ah the monk tank strats, using holy men as meatshields


… the monks are with the army to tank fire. they have high hp in age 2. they are just annoying because you can’t get the strelets with cav without killing the 400 hp tanks lol

this has been a cheese strat since 2005

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