How to beat Sweden as French

Hi guys,

I play french 1v1 and I always loose to sweden same thing every game.

I always do FF with 5 cav, I raid him early with cav and kill 2-3 villagers, then I insta age 3.

When I hit age 3 (8-9mins into the game) I am 1000-2000 score ahead and killed some of his villagers but I simply dont know how to finish the game, and I always loose even tho im far ahead.

I mass skirms / dragoons and go to his base, but at this time he has an army of 30-40 sweden musks + maybe cannons. Skirm/dragoon combo can beat almost everything but not Sweden it seems. His musketeers just sprint to my skirmishers and they are so fast that I cant kite. Once they connect all skirmishers are dead. They also do good trades vs my dragoons since they have good ranged attack.

How the fk do I counter an army of 40 swedish musketeers who just rush down your light infantry and preform good against both light and heavy cav aswell?

Same thing every game, I kill some of his villigars, I get ahead to age 3 but still once we fight he destroys me.

What Can I try?

I once beat a Sweden player with Spain using lancers: you have to remember that Caroleans have a bonus against calvary only in ranged mode, not in meelee. So what I did was distract his caroleans blob with skimirshers and cannons and when he had his army facing them, I attacked from the back with lancers (bonus against infantry) and all his army disbanded. I don’t know how you can transfer that strategy to the french but what really helped was attacking from various sides, not just one big attack.

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I find skirmisher to be too slow for light infantery. Their speed should match the caçadore speed with 4, 5. Maybe with speed you would be able to kite the carolean.

Maybe you could simply rush with musk? Sweden is told to be slow.

Your best options are to musk rush, or if you like to go age 3, then make hus or cuirassier. You need a lot of hand cav and skirm, rather than goon skirm.

Don’t wait to mass skirms and dragoons, use your existing army and maybe two falconets and destroy his barracks.

You can’t really kill caroleans in the open, They’re too good right now. But if there was to try. Massing skirm / Cav or Skirm/ musk / cav and if he uses Canon try adding culverin, maybe adding cannons yourself too, If you can’t take a fight in the open then wall up eco up and go for that treaty game because there is no other way.

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why do u go goons if he dont have cav and only caroleans ? why not cuirassier ?