How to beat sweden on team?

how to kill carolean with range resistance and 400 hitpoints of life and all improvements on V age when they have culverin behind them and when they spawn almost inmediately ? and dragons to kill cuiraseris etc. Please tell me how.
5 mameluks for 500 gold? 10000 hp for only 500 gold, best card on age of empires 3 history?

and how to kill hakapelits effectively when they ray on city? they even kill dragons

any way to beat sweden on V on team matches?

Use heavy cannons and Skirms

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Hakapekits are classed as heavy cavalry. They have a ranged attack but very low range.
Dragoons should still counter them, and you should be able to kite the hakapelits because goons have much higher range

Let me be clear. Looks like you are really bad at this game and just faced a good player. Don’t take this as an insult, but it seems to be the case.

Caroleans + culverin + dragoons (i assume you’re saying black riders)? EASILY countered by skirmishers + dragoons or skirmishers + culverin. Especially since u seem to be playing france who has the best skirmishers. If you tried to counter this with cuirassier (from what I understood), you need to go back to studying the counter system.

Are u complaining about sweden in this current patch while playing france? How dare you lol

By the way, hakkapelits are trash.

i main russia, im #682 on 1vs1, mmm ok. Well hakappelits are exactly like uhlans except they have distance area.
i was playing french im not good with it, but cuirasiers make a really good job versus caroleans when they have range resitance

mmm, its really difficult to counter with dragons, because you have to hit and run and that takes many many APM, as sweden will have more eco in late game, its difficult to counter a massive army of hakappelits with dragons
it would be easier with cavalry archer

Dragoons have ranged resistance though and you have the arsenal upgrades that gives them more range.
Also sweden has been hugely nerfed so their eco is not even that good, specially once their mines run out.
I dont know if you use control groups or not but hitting and running with goons is not that hard

the apm really taken to kill hakapells doesnt worth any range unless there is something oibstructing their pass