How to become an Insider?

Hey y’all, how are you doing? I got a simply, maybe silly question, but how do you become a forum Insider?

I couldn’t really find any information on said topic, so I thought I might as well start my first thread about it.

Take care and have fun out there in the fog.



Hay, have you signed up here?
I’d guess so, since you can post here :smiley:
Maybe you need to just edit your profile on the Forums:3

I want a brown vilager/queen too


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I’ll try! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve signed up for the program, but I don’t think the emblem will show up just yet… Next to that, why is my name “user1”?

Your forums name is tied to your xbox Gamertag.
you can change it here:

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Okay, so small update. I’m an Insider via my Xbox Live acc. However, i can only use steam to login to the forums, since both accounts share the same email address. I’m stuck to being “User1” instead of Crazy Hyena.

It is what it is,


I’m not sure if we can, but maybe I can arrange something for you in that regard

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Thanks for trying. I appreciate it :teddy_bear::sparkling_heart:

So i tried to get something together, but sadly i´m not able to change your name.
Incase the Username bothers your alot, you may can create a new account via Xbox, and we should be able to merge your accounts. ( Not quite sure how this works )

Greetings Maxy

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Its okay, Maxy. As long as you guys know I’m the Crazy Hyena/クレージーハイエナ, it’s all good :slight_smile:

Im coming for that top of the leaderboard spot. Give me a year :clown_face:

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Keep me updated on your Progress !

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It keeps saying that i need to be 18 or older to become an insider. It’s very confusing. And it looks like it’s using my xbox account instead of my steam judging by my avatar…

The steam implementation seems rather new, so it might be buggy

You can logg out, and then press "CTRL + F5 " to clear any browser cache from this website