How to change between Advanced Commands on/off in DE? Looked on "Advanced commands off". Not able to turn it back on

Game Version:

  • Build (update 32911)
  • Platform (Steam)


For some reason after the last update the feature called Advanced Commands in HD (2013) was set to off. In HD it was possible to turn this easy on and off with a button next to the mini map. This button doesn’t exist in Definitive Edition. I can’t fine any way to turn it on again in options, don’t know if this is a bug or not.

This seems sort of game breaking. This means I can’t the change stance between aggressive, defensive, stand ground and no attack. Set formations on multiple military units. Send them on patrol. Split units to avoid fire, etc. Not with buttons in the interface when selecting the unit or with hotkeys.

I have reset all the options to default. Clicked every boks in the options on/off to see if it changes this back. Reinstalled the game. Nothing seems to help.

Reproduction Steps:

No idea. Just started the game after a crash and all the settings was changed. Including this one.

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Found a solution thanks to ArcaneTrain on steam:
“ArcaneTrain [har Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition] 16. nov. kl. 4:15
I found out how to solve this! You have to go into the scenario editor, create a new trigger, create a condition (i.e. timer) then set the effect to “Use Advanced Buttons” then save and leave the scenario. Then you can use formations and army commands in game”

This still feels kind of cumbersome.

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Same issure happened to a friend today, glad that the fix worked.