How to change the Population Limit from AOE4 Content Editor (EssenceEditor.exe)?

I couldn’t find where can we change this Population Limit from 200 to 500 at “AOE4 Content Editor (EssenceEditor.exe)”.

If it is possible, someone would guide me and explain me that how we ca do it from “AOE4 Content Editor (EssenceEditor.exe)” please? thank you very much.

Under the Attributes tab there is a category called army, select it. Each civ appears there with its own arby_bag. race_population_cap_table is what you are looking for.

Have a look around though, there are many other things in the army_bags you may want to change.

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Only place I didn’t check was that place. Thank you very much friend.

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vehicle pop for Roman is the monk,for Mongol is the sheep produced in pasture,for Chinese is the official.

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Whats the difference in “resource max cap popcap” and “race population cap table pop cap”? Should I put them as the same?


Not sure, but I’d interprete the population_cap as true limit where the resource_max is the possible amount of units in build queues.

Anyway, best idea to keep both values identical. :wink:

resource max cap popcap - you change the population settings there

When i click the box it turns purple and it wont let me edit the number. How can I get a higher limit?

this no longer seems to work with the recent updates.

okay, I will check and update the mod again. I was busy in real life.

I have updated the mod now for the currently generated errors I found in the Essence Editor.

Would you check please if the mod works at your side now? thank you.

Would you be more specific to give more information please in your mod?

What do you want to do in general? and in what steps you encounter your problem?