How to change turk 50% cheaper gunpowder techs

This is something some players have been thinking. Back in AoK the bonus of 50% cheaper gunpowder techs was pretty good, since you had to research some adittional techs to be able to create Hand Cannons, Bombard Cannons, and Cannon Galleons. However the techs for HC and BBC were removed in AoC, and for Cannon Galleons in DE. So now the only units it applies to are the Elite Cannon Galleon, and the Bombard Tower, two units only used in the super late game, so the bonus its pretty useless. So, the idea would be to change the bonus for something usable in the early-mid game. How would you change it, and what do you think of this idea overall?.


I had thinking something that could help Turks in early game. The idea is reduce the TT for Skirms and Spearman to the half (11 seg). Yes, is strange, because great part of Turks’s identity is to lack of these units from Castle age onwards, but, this means turks have less margin for mistakes. So the reduced TT, could give you a quick but weak response as last resort if you take a bad fight and must to aquiere a defensive stance.
In feudal is good, but I don’t think it would be OP because you want to save res for Castle Age.
In castle age could be useful as a emergency defense. Quick but weak at long term (you don’t want to spam trash that you can’t upgrade)
In Imp age it become useless because, still with conscription (TT= 7 secs) Spearman and Skirmisher aren’t a threat…

Tbh the bonus could stay there, the removal of all these gunpowder techs buffed Turks anyway.

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mabey if it effected other techs that impacted gunpowder like archer armor

That would buff them quite a lot both in the janissary and CA department, also what would stop them from basically having the old Italian bonus since dock techs affect cannon galleons + a better discount on half the university techs since those affect BBT.

Exactly. The removal of gunpowder tech buffed Turks already.
Turks buffed in every patch and already OP state in Arena. Don’t need to be buffed more. Early game bonus also buff them on closed map too, which should not happen.

It’s a strange thing when you think about it. It nerfed them in a way, because they used to be able to get gunpowder out first, but it also buffs them, because there was no need to worry about gunpowder if the Turks can get it first, so now they don’t have to worry about the tech, but then this arguably buffs other civs more, because now Turks have an almost useless bonus. :thinking:


Getting instant access to gunpowder is unequivocally better than just needing to wait half as much. The “useless bonus” part is also taken care off since Turks got a new bonus too.

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Yeah that bonus is useless. At least they can count elite Jani upgrade as Gunpowder tech and make it cheaper. But of course no way. Why? Turks are OP on Arena 11

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This upgrade is already among the cheapest elite upgrades, I don’t think it needs to be only 425 food 375 gold :sweat_smile:

“It’s a nerf because now those techs are free. And the discount is not that big now”

No. It’s a buff because now you have to pay even less to be terminator and blow everything up.

Quite a ridiculous claim, considering all other civs had to pay for those gunpowder techs in their full price.

Before Turks saved on CG, ECG, BT, HC (AoK), BBC (AoK) and idk what else. Currently their only savings are on ECG and BT. As the tech was removed for all other civs too, it clearly nerfed Turks relative to the strength of the other civilizations- because to them it provided less benefit than it did to the other civilizations, and the buff of the others “outpaced” the Turks buff.

On the topic in general:

The bonus is useless and should be replaced, free Chemistry should stay.

As for the bonus itself, nobody likes Turk BBT anyway, which in practical terms is the only thing it aids, therefore it can be safely removed without having negative balance aspects, bar the fact Turks are underpowered to begin with. If it was replaced with something else less situational as a bonus, Turks could actually see a higher win% and be less annoying to play against- two birds with one stone.

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It didnt buff Turks relatively to other civs because all these gunpowder techs you would research made gunpowder bad and Turkish gunpowder was slightly better but still terrible. Free Chemistry wouldnt be nearly as good if those techs still existed.

Being able to do something useless waaayyyy better isnt as good as being able to do something good quite a bit better.