How to change username?

Is there any way change my username from @EvasiveBeast227 ?

Hi @EvasiveBeast227, You can change your gamertag once for free on your online Xbox profile. For additional changes there is a charge.

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It should update soon. If it doesn’t by end of day, submit a support request at

Hello RadiatingBlade, the last reply goes in past to Heathenseeker53. That was me and after 5 days I have to write to the support. This doesn’t help until I begged them to wipe my account from the forum. (they argued to make this all by xbox but I’ve done it already) But at the lucky end they (the kind support) deleted my account and I startet new here under my traditional (I played and was in a forum (aoeheaven) before arround 20 years) name. So here I am :grin:

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@curufir I’m glad you were able to get this straightened out.