How to check people's ratings in aoe2 DE

I just started my online career, and I played some people online. Is there any way to check their ratings or mine? I’m wondering where I stand in 2020 :wink: I found the leaderboard, but I dont see some search engine for particular players.

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allright. Thanks man. So I guess I need to play 10 first to see my own :slight_smile:

Yes. Afaik you get your “initial” rating in each category (Ranked 1v1, Ranked Team, Unranked) after having played 10 games in that category.

So other than in HD where everybody started at 1600 the players here start on a different score depending on how they did in the first 10 games. Then they go up or down from there.

(Oh, and it has to be added that the “uranked” score currently can’t be taken serious at all since it also includes results from totally weird games like 6vs2 or something like this… and it even seems to count if a game ends within the first 60 seconds. Also I’ve seen several profiles where the “unranked” score just went up and up from the initial rating despite the players losing 75% of their games… so something’s weird about that.) is a great webpage!

I want to share a tip: Log in on that site (with your steam account) and you can see your own match history. It is an easy why to see all ratings from your opponent.

The showed rating is the rating at the start of the game.

First is tried to find all enemies on the leaderboard. Now i know this page. It is so much easier to have a look at my enemies!

Also your rating is showed in the end screen in the statistics after the match. You can see how many elo you win/lost. If i remember correctly, your elo will be showed at that page. You only need 10 games to get on the leaderboard!

I really hope the devs will include such functionality into the base game, so we dont need third parties like anymore!

Now I’ve played four rated games and my rating shows up at the leaderboard, en after the game it showed up at the top left corner. \o/