How to counter FF as malta?

I never know when the opponent is going to choose aggression or FF, but even when I attack, they still manage to age up with seemingly little difficulty.

Malta is vulnerable to just about every strategy in the book including FF, rush, or boom. Unfortunately you will have to outplay your opponent at every turn until and unless Malta gets the few small buffs they deserve. You’ll also have to have impeccable scouting. If you manage to outplay the opponent in micro and macro during the entirety of the game things will eventually scale in your favor.


its difficult. there is little way to say nicer.

You need to scout and figure out quickly 1- is ther FF rushable? if so, a timing of pikes and xbow plus prehaps order cav/totenkampf can be important. sentinels and order huss are just not worth the res and low seige in under TC fights. so open bow pike forward 2 hospitals and send 700w 600w and then units or winningcourt. you need to not piss away units since xbow and pikes work en mass and some civs (spain usa and ofc otto even germans) can easily handle low unit counts while they go to age3. the goal here is to cripple them and then go age3 yourself, or again add order huss after the inital push and have a much larger mass plus cav to handle falcs

If not rushable or timing FF, a semi ff could work. open german tongue and make 5-10 order huss. idle them, snipe vills, and make them build infantry to protect falcs. the goal here is to slow them down so by the time the ff falc hits you can be age and ship counter stuff like fixed gun or if they turtle ship 1 falc 1 mortar and punish those fort bots. build can be something like german tongue 700w 600w(only if you have tp and feel like you can idle them) wignacourt hospitality

None of this is easy. each of the above dies if opponent also scouts and either ships 8xbow or eq and times the rush then ages or FF and arent idled vs the semi ff. or they go age4 after the ff and you are stumped unless you knew it was an FI and greeded into age3 artillery/infanty. its like playing roulette cept only half the chambers are empty and every card could be your last. frusterating for most of us

But hey, a well earned win feels better anyways. Deus Vult!


Facts. Malta’s units just suck. Fire throwers and sentinels are a joke.

Haha, sure. 10 fire throwers can obliterate infantry, and sentinels are pretty good late game, but are a bit lacking.

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20 pop dragoon/skirm mix that has more like 15 pop army stats decimates infantry
So do falcs or even culvs

Simple, just make more fire throwers (fire throwers kill ALL infantry) and culverins. That’s the problem with combos. They can be countered with massing more of a same unit type that counters at least one of the units that the opponent is training. I learned that from a Survivalist video.

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