How to deal with 5-8 Trebuchets shootingbehind a castle wall?

How to deal with 5-8 Trebuchets shootingbehind a castle wall?
What is the most effective way?

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Who is the aggressor here?
Did they build a castle right in front of your base?

Different factions. Usually they build a castle next to it.
I’m missing power to break their formation

Im confused about what the actual threat is here.
5-8 Trebuchets aren’t very good at killing units.
They are mostly good at destroying buildings.

If you want to destroy them, get some springalds or bombards. They will kill the trebuchets really easily and also do heavy damage to the keep.

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Produce many horseman!

Hi there, welcome to the forums. Trebs behind walls can be very frustrating when you have stationary siege

The best solution in this situation would be mangonels or cannons if you are fine with microing. If you don’t like to micro elephants are probably your best option, since they can bust down walls and go right for them.

Note: Springalds can only shoot through gatehouses not walls

Give it another go and good luck!

Buy a bunch of horsemen/knights to go for the trebuchets while you build your own trebuchet and once the horses have done their job retreat them to safety and take down their castle with your trebuchet.

If there is no way inside you can start by having some infantry build a ram or two and make a way in for your horses. A smart move here is to have the castle first fire on the ram to soak up damage for the horses.

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