How to deal with Cumans 2 feudal TC strat?

And they have siege on top of that… Too much?

Feudal aggression because they fall back and the more you can pressure him the more advantice you get

I’d go FC → knights + magonels
It’s hard for the Cuman player to keep producing vills if his farms are disrupted, and it’s also hard to keep the TC up when he can only defend with feudal units.


This. Feudal aggression is stupid because if the cuman player has more than 2 neurons he’d have placed the TCs protecting vital resources. The key is to go FC into siege and knights and push his TCs with mangonels


Fc into siege or towers and archers.

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How to deal with it is hard to say in the abstract. It depends a lot on your own civ and how how good cumans player map is. Generally the two approaches that have been proved best are: Either you go straight fc and use the time window you have in early castle age to pressure with either pike siege push or knight siege push. Or you go for moderate feudal pressure. Like if your opponent went for larger base layout with walling you can open maa into archers and try to idle eco, maybe deny berries (which is huge vs cumans feudal boom) or so. If your opponent went for smaller walls maybe straight archers if you can range any resources. In both cases however I’d go one range and follow up rather quickly to castle age. For you usually can’t kill your opponent with 2 tcs.

Also sometimes your own fc 3 tc boom can work well. But I’d that only if you have good eco civ. The main problem here is that cumans have insane resources when they arrive to castle age so you might die quickly here when you went for straight boom.

All this is assuming you’re talking open maps. On closed maps you usually either go for boom yourself (civs like khmer or malay can still outboom cumans with correct build orders) or pike siege push. The latter however is easily stopped by defensive castle so I’d lean towards boom. Just beware of forward castle fast imp strategies. Cumans don’t have the best late game on these maps so most civs are actually in a good position if you can boom and be safe until you are in imp.

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Cuman double feudal TC is like a paper tiger, and if they’re training siege on top of that it’s a huge investment in non-combatant units that can go easily punished by strong Castle Age units