How to design by Native Faction Siege and Navy units, and fill fill the "tech gaps". Maybe with Squads, Skirmishers and Tunnellers?

How to design by Native Faction Siege and Navy units, maybe with Squads and Tunnellers?

Well there are 3 obstacles to design a Siege and Navy unit for the natives

-is the tech available,
-is the tech in gameplay readable,
-is the tech in gameplay handy to use.

So far AoE2 simply did add units, natives did not have, AoE3 did try to use perks and it was for casual player harder to play compared to other factions.

My suggestion is, what if we fill the “tech gaps” with squads of units?
Natives didn’t really use siege Machines, horses and big ships.

1 By AoE4 Horseman did replace the skirmisher.
So why not simply make Skirmisher for native faction the Anti Archer unit?

2 Mangonel or Nest of Bees is a little bit difficult as that are area damage units.
Maybe put several skirmishers into a squad?

3 Springald and Culverin are anti siege units.
Maybe put several Archers into a squad?

Add to each squad like 5 till 10 soldiers with a clear color difference
and some war banners, and you get quite a readable unit.

4 Counterweight Trebuchet? Well all people had in history access to dig equipment. It too time, but you could dig under walls to let them crush. Maybe add something like “tunnellers” to natives? For example, in Total War Rome you can use such tunneller unit in siege.

5 For ships, well why not use swarms/squads of ships?
Natives had canoes, rafts and catamarans.
Why not make those into squads? of like 5 canoes.

What do you think?

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No Meso Civ!
We cannot make it a super fantasy civ.
If we add Meso, we would need to add the Spanish with bioweapons (rats) to infect and defeat them as it did happen historically.

They were just too outdated and not technologically advanced compare to Eurasian and African civs.
Your suggestions are just out of touch to make it just equal through more units.

We really need to see some high-end Hindu Civ to represent the Indian subcontinent before others.