How to disable Heavy Cavalry units from the Viking civilization?

Good day.

I play AoE2 HD with all the latest expansions. (Steam version)
I want to alter the tech trees of certain civilizations yet I am new to Modding/changing the default game.

What I aim to achieve is to disable the “Heavy cavalry” line from the Vikings.
I hate fighting against Vikings and finding myself being attacked by Knights or cavaliers, I wish to eliminate this irritation.

Would anyone aid me in achieving this endeavor or perhaps supply instruction?

Best to go with artillery or archers because cavalry can be tough to take down…so ranged force my work

Hi CelticKeeper,

I’m not involved in the modding community itself, I just know it is possible to add or edit civilization, at the very least on the old version of the game. I found an article on the topic for you. It goes pretty deep into the game files, but you’ll be supported by software other people developed for the task.

I would recommend you make modifications like this on an extra copy/installation of the game (which means working in the old game, Steam games tend to be protected against that sort of shenanigans), as I do not know what will happen if you try multiplayer or such using the modified game, and I do not know if you’ll be able to properly restore the game to the original settings ones you’ve made these adaptions.

Alternatively there may actually be support for modded civs in the Steam Workshop. I haven’t been in there, but that would be where I’d look if I wanted to do this on HD.

Best of luck.