How to do a translation fix mod?

Basically title. It shouldn’t cost too much time, right?

depends on how much you want to change

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its part of
mod has to be structured as data/strings/language/stringtabley.xml

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you can look into these two text mods, one Polish one Chinese, both high rated

Spolszczenie do Age of Empires 3 DE BASIC EDITION:

Simplified Chinese Enhancement

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@Hsiman4096 , @KG19991380

May you check if my mod works? I’m having some problems.

works via this link
now important question, was it uploaded as zip to website or from ingame, personally i always upload ingame

I tried both, but I couldn’t manage to make it work in my game after downloading from the server.

i’ll try myself later today, within 3 hours or so

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Downloaded the mod ingame, for me its all working, except for the ranked compatability currently looking that one up
also the reason for it not working on your end after downloading has to be the existing install in local folder, had similar problem to that with one of UI mods of mine at one point
I think i got the reason for error
structure of folders is done correctly, but data folder has to be in a folder as well before zipping, basically folder with your mods name and data folder (with everything else structured as is) inside it
Doesn’t seem to correct the ranked compatability issue tho, not sure why

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No, because when you download the mod, the mod itself creates a folder (like modname/data).
The problem was the Ñ character for sure. Thank you anyway!

You mean than the devs are looking for the compatibility problem?

The Aoe2 UI mod of mine includes a language edit with identical structure to your mod, but that one is fully compatible with ranked

Maybe it is where you place readme.txt cause the compatibility issue.
I tried using stringmod.xml too, didn’t caused ranked compatability issue.
You can refer to the mod I made, Simplified Chinese Enhancement, there also a readme.txt in it and no ranked compatability issue.

Thak you, yes the Readme caused the comptability issues. :slight_smile: