How to efficiently use non standard units?

The other day I was playing as huns. I’d built up a bit of a lead, and thought I’d try some different strategies for kicks and an experiment. Thusly, I spent more then i intended buying elite Tsrkan and upgrading/building up numbers with them, and suddenly found myself back in a competitive game.

I was committed to the wacky strat, so I raided after buildings with the Tarkans, killing 4 YCs, a castle, a handful of towers, housing the guy and winning the game.

Now, Tarkans may not be that uncommon, but generally If I win with Huns it’ll be in other ways.

What are ways you all have used non meta strategies or units that have turned out to be effective, or possible even more efficient then what you’d do normally?

(LOL, I’ve used ETKs against mesothelioma civs a few times, and found great joy in them suddenly having a niche that wasn’t goth slaughter.)


I’ve used Briton cav to a surprisingly good effect. If your enemy decides to make skirms + rams, knights/cavalier will easily kill them, and you can use the archers you saved to counter pikes.