How to engage a battle in AOE


If you are watching the pros (theviper, hera, etc) on youtube you always see that when they engage a battle they obviously do not right click on the enemy units but rather point the cursor behind it. for example say they have 5 units and they face 5 enemy units, they click the mouse behind the 5 enemy unit and that way they spread evenly so better fight. the question is HOW do i do it ? when i simply right click behind the unit my units gets there but they dont attack the enemy on the way (only after thet reach the point). if i click stop when they meet the enemy they pause for 1 sec and than engage so not ideal.

Any suggestions ?

There’s either a patrol or attack move button. There’s an option for it on the bottom left where all the unit formations are etc, and there’s also a hotkey for patrol that you can set :slight_smile:

I know about the patrol but they are using a different thing, not sure what it is though

Do you have an example video/stream where you’ve seen it happen?

check this one -
go to min 15 where he is killing the monks, not the best example but good enough

Probably just patrol. They only use the hotkey to select patrol, they dont click on patrol in the botton window, so you dont see them clicking on patrol.

A nice feature with youtube is that you can either pause it and play it frame by frame or even just let it play in sometime like 0.25 speed. (BAaaaam-BAaaa-Baaaaam is gas when you slow it down :slight_smile: )

I’ve done this before to see what Viper is clicking because he does things very fast. Anyway if you play it in slow speed and pause it, you can see the cursor change to the boots icon and the text “Click and area to patrol there.” appear on the bottom in yellow.

The first monk he kills he’s just clicking behind them so he can get the group of steppe lancers close and they bump a bit less because they’re not targeting to attack a unit. He actually clicks to attack and kill that monk. Again he’s click behind the group to get close to the next couple of monks and then patrols to kill two (third escapes to the tc). Hope that helps!

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that’s amazing i did not knew that ! very helpful, thanks !
He is that fast that you have to play 0.25 sec speed to catch what he is doing lol

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