How to face burgrave rush as abbasid?

Hey, I get rekt by a burgrave rush (plat/diamond elo) last week playing as abbasid.

Of course, this rush isn’t new to me, but in that game I thought I was going to get fast enough second TC and be able to get to castle to defend myself with xbows.

But I failed, and I’ve tested the fastest I can get to castle with abbasid, putting a second TC, and I am getting a mark of 10:07 getting into castle with wheelbarrow investigated while I am getting into castle, and the second TC with fresh foodstuff investigated.

Also, while I am getting into castle, I can get up to 3 archery range and a barrack, all at minute 10:07.

But just tested as HRE getting into castle as fast as I can, and I see I can reach minute 10:07 with 17 castle MAA with arrow defense and the skill that gives them more mobility…

So, I think I couldn’t pass alive when I see 17 guys comming, and I am starting to mass xbows.

What do you do against a burgrave rush as Abbasid? One thing I can do is simply not put a second TC, but that would limit a lot my fresh foodstuff tech…

You should not allow HRE to go fast castle comfortably, make HRE fight you in fedual age. Even he gets into castle, makesure to limit his access to food or gold resources.

Yep, the problem is the window to hurt him is so narrow.

I’ve started to pass to castle at min 6:57 as HRE, since i can get into feudal at min 4:30 aprox. I have less than 3 minutes to hurt him.

I’ve read camel archers go well, but a CA lasts 35 seconds to train+move time+getting archery range, i think the first CA would get into his base at min 5:30 at best.

Also this means I can’t get my second TC up.

Any other tip?

I came back from a long break and hit Conq 3 just about a week ago and while getting used to the game, also faced similar problem/game as you described which I lost.

My suggestion is to never go 2 TC against HRE unless they are doing it themselves. Maybe even consider military wing for +15% and all in at feudal with free siege engineering (or just normal fresh food stuff+wheelbarrow should make your feudal all in still strong). I think the key is to deny resources so be proactive with your scout and deny gold/wood. This means even if they hit castle with burgrave, they won’t have the resources to get upgrades+units.

If it’s closed map, you may go 2 TC, wall hard and get to castle with a better eco.

I usually don’t try all in, because as defender it’s easier to put a defense and as attacker if you fail you get into problems.

Would you train a few camel archers to just deny gold?

If he is not able to collect enough sheeps, maybe it’s easier to deny food, but in that game in particular I had no luck with my sheeps collections, he got near 20… (It could be map hacking also, people states there’s a lot of players doing it).

In other RTS games, trying to play a macro game is always the way to go for sure.

In AOE4 where there are so many factions and considering how different they are, I think it’s important to know that certain match ups just has to be played a certain way if you want to have a good win rate. Aba vs HRE seems to be one of them.

But would you try archers+spears all in?

Putting all the villagers on food and wood to pump constantly units, and try to finish him asap.

Now that you mention this, I remember a game where as mongol just rushed an HRE, he was able to get to castle, but when he hitted castle he was done. So I think I will practice this rush more ofter in QM.

I think the army composition will depend on how HRE reacts, as well as if you’ve gone for military wing or eco wing!

I think Burgrave rush is a free win as Abbasid.
Go 2 TC close together and build 1-2 towers.
Build 2 Archery ranges for Camel Archers.
Kite with Camel Archer until the push runs out of steam.
Then get to Castle age and kill HRE.

I do not think I have ever lost to Burgrave unless I screwed up or my opponent was much better.

I’ll try next time, thank you. How do you balance your eco to this strat?

After the second TC is up, almost everyone on food and wood. Only enough on stone and gold to get 2 towers and tower upgrades. You only need to build workers and camel archers so gold is not needed.

When you have enough camel archers and have hold the attack you switch to food/gold and get Castle age.

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I’ve had the exact same experience, also platinum/diamond level. Seemed impossible to me too and my solution was to check if they were going HRE and pick Malian. Malian fast farimba kicks in exact same time as burgrave, except Malian Musofadi warriors are the strongest MAA counter in the game. So if they try MAA they get insta-wrecked and if they try landschnekt you can go archers.

The only way I’ve seen Abba beat burgrave is with mass camel archers, and even then it seems situational. But the diamond HRE players are so scared of Malians that they will not go burgrave and instead go 2tc. So it’s not 100% win when I go Malian cuz I don’t know how to transition out of the farimba spam.

But if he don’t burgrave he is free to pick all relic and you are dead ^^

Camel / pik is prob better, HRE make maa or knight

If HRE goes eco, just spam Musofadi.

I’ve won some matches where I just spammed musofadi and burned their entire base. In a game I had near 80 musofadi, and there were no lanschkenect nor MAA who can stop me, because their gold income will easy drop if you attack his base, and he will not be able to mass lanschs…

I would say the easiest match against HRE I had is using malians, they are just too much hard countering.

I just did exactly that 2 seconds ago and got absolutely destroyed. Had about 40 musofadi and a mangonel vs 20 landsch 20 maa 5 archers and it was not even close. the veteran musofadi with both armor and melee dmg upgrades all died in less than 5 seconds not even exaggerating

Well you can’t face 20 lansch with any melee infantry, they will destroy you. For this case you need to kite using archers or good mangos shoots.

Lansch costs a lot of gold also, so you can attack his gold veins to cut his gold income.

But the only thing you have to avoid is face a group of lansch with your musofadi, you need to kill them with your archers. Musofadi are also faster than maa, so you can play with that.