How to fix the chat censor

The devs seem to be unwilling to remove this, or add an option to turn it off, which means that it needs a change. How about just removing the current bad system that censors “Xbow” one in three times it seems, but doesn’t censor actual swearwords. Here is what you should do, if it isn’t going to be removed or be toggleable. Just replace the current system with one that literally checks for exact word matches, case insensitive, for literal swearwords, in the language of the player sending the message. If they want to add spaces in between the words, probably don’t worry about it, most people won’t bother. Lets just have a vote.

Does the chat filter need a change?
  • Yes, it needs to be removed.
  • Yes, it needs to be an option ideally.
  • Yes, it needs to only censor actual swearwords.
  • Yes, it should be both an option and have better censoring.
  • No, it should be kept as is.

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I think all votes should be anonym and visible.
I don’t have a clear opinion on this yet, but I would like to see some tendencies in the community.
Freedom of speach is you are allowed to have an opinion on everything. You don’t have to have an opinion on everything.

I voted for it to be optional and toggled on/off. But I actually wouldn’t mind just getting rid of it. I mean, what’s the point of the mute button when we have this ridiculous filter?