How to fix the Samurai mortar card

This card would be, in its current form, a terrible edition to the game—samurai already have great siege and what they Don’t need is to be able to wreck your whole town even faster. Spawning 10 mortars is already bad enough but this would be a catastrophe. But won’t I won’t suggest is simply the removal of this new card, because I honestly think the idea is kinda fun thematically. But what I will suggest is a couple was to make it not completely stupid.

  1. A slower rof, at least 4-5. This card would still be good, as 14 range is just amazing (plus the 1.15 vs buildings).
  2. Minimum range. Like the fire thrower has. I actually would suggest this for all gren-type units but at least for this. With this, they’d still be really good, but they’d play more of a support role than a nuke-your-base role.
  3. A mix of both.

Does this apply to ronin?

The team part of it gives all siege +10% damage. The non team part is that it gives your samurai a grenade launcher to attack buildings.

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Just samurai. Not others.


This card is extremely dangerous, just imagine 30 samurai hitting your wall it would be desperate, imagine them sniping your wall


Not only is it super busted, it’s also really inconsistent to make it grant an ability to a unit that is not affected by the main function of the card. It’s like making the Grenade Launchers card buff all artillery.

Odzutsu should be an actual unit not a card. Make them a scaled down Morutaru replacement. That would dampen the 10 Morutaru dump from Daimyos in the back of your base and get rid of a unit that as far as I can tell isn’t even based on reality. Scale it down to a 2 pop unit with a more mobility but less range and it would be fine. It could be depicted as a singe great big gun or even a two person variant to make it more distinct from Hand Mortars.



Maybe make it a slower but slightly longer ranged kinda humb maybe?

The odzutsu currently existing in the museum is not the two-man-operated extra-long matchlock gun in the picture you attached, but a matchlock gun that is more similar in size to Morutaru. Generally speaking, most descriptions of odzutsu are also of one-person rather than two-person operated firearms. For example, illustrations about odzutsu created by Japanese artists.

In the game, it either becomes Morutaru’s new name, or it is indeed a unit that uses a grenade launcher or rocket launcher similar to AoE4 Ozutsu.

I don’t think the developers would want to make it into a new unit. Even the Rocketeers, which can be mercenaries to serve other civilizations instead of only Indians, have been directly modified with Arsonists, let alone a unit that only serves the Japanese.

melee infantry having excellent siege is kind of a special niche to make up for the fact that melee infantry is kinda worthless in the lategame vs any civ with rifling skirms. Giving that amazing siege 14 range is a mistake.


At first I was thinking that they were going to be comparable to lategame grens with the launcher cards cause those do get to some very funny numbers and also get bonus multipliers from incendiary grenades


But eh, they also gave japan incendiary grenades and also made it affect the samurais…

edit: if they dont have the multiplier and made them slower (like the dopps of old) I can see this being somewhat sane. cause they cant attack units from range thank god and they are much more vulnerable to light infantry and cannons then say grens but at 5 speed and 600 HP they can just ignore most things trying to kill them.

That or give them a siege mode where they can do this but have slower movement like cover mode. Actually if they can only do this in cover mode with half the siege it might be fine

If you have onin War. Even if they are in Cover mode. They are still a huge mess to deal with especially if that 14 range is within your factories…

But its cool too see this weapon.

At that point its the same if your opponent goes mass grens to do the same,

then at least they are slow enough and do less damage enough to be stalled.

And they can only melee to fight back which is better then grens splash ranging ur units

Humbaraci’s anti-artillery role would make it rather dangerous to have Odzutsu be a longer ranged version of it. The focus should be long range anti-building so it can be an adequate Morutaru replacement. Its anti-unit attack could be much shorter range with a multiplier against heavy infantry since Japan lacks a rifle infantry unit (although Yumis are pretty good so it probably isn’t necessary).

Also a reminder that Japan has a speed boost from a wonder. So the samurai can literally dance around and shoot while moving away and with walls being more expensive at 10 wood. You lose more value of building HP and wood from a 20 samurai raid

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the best way to fix it is to give them a pistol attack a la hospitaliers, and not make them another fast gren units to flame/cheese the already tenuous team balance


I was just floating the idea of a two man team to keep it firmly as an artillery unit and not some kind of siege unit. But I’d say the one man style looks better and is more typical.

I don’t think the crappy job they’ve done with Rocketeers necessarily indicates they wouldn’t add a new unit. There have been tons of new models and units since then so it’s not something that can’t be done.

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I actually actively dislike the charged pistol attack—it messes up micro and most of the time doesn’t do much. Rather give them normal guns with some downside like that card they already have in the files.

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we dont need another 4.5 speed musk for japan tho

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this card must bring alongside balance tweaks
could be done by reducing base samurai siege attack and bonus against buildings
Give it a cost of resources and moving it to AGE 4 OR 5
while reducing its benefits once is delivered

That could be the nerf