How to get this avatar?

I did all the activities at that time and got all the rewards. Why is there such a vacancy?

By the way, I’d like to make a suggestion to the production team, which can return the previous activities, so that the players who get the game later can also get corresponding rewards to meet everyone’s collection desire.


There is a thread where a dev answered this. It is a bug and currently tracked by the devteam.
Also I support the “bring back past rewards/events” movement. There are multiple requests for this.
I hope they will consider it in the future.

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In Age of Empires 2 DE there are anniversary events where you could collect rewards from all seasons from last year. I hope it will come in Age of Empires 3 too. I have a friend who started recently and he is very disappointed that he missed the Aztec explorer skin.

But then how will we preserve the artificial scarcity of the lantern rider? /s

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